[D8952ABK], Letter from James Dredge to Thomas Alva Edison, April 2nd, 1889



"I have your letter of the 22d containing your new intentions which shall be at once attended to. As I have interested a number of prominent Scandinavian gentlemen in the matter, I propose to carry out an arrangement previously made with them, and show them a machine in operation. By doing so, I shall be able to form very [illeg] an idea of the value of the separator in Norway & Sweden, & shall get in connection with them who may intend to do business. Had I received your letter earlier, I should of course not have made this arrangement, but now I cannot well get out of it. Any communicatoin I may afterwards receive I will forward either to Paris or to yourself according to your instructions, that you may take up the correspondence. ### You are quite right in assuming that I have been prompted by a heavy [generic?] feeling of respect, and--if you will permit me to say so---of friendship towards yourself-- in this matter, and I can only [illeg] that so much money has been thorwn away to no purpose. # Should any future occasion arise in which you think I may be of service to you, on the basis aready indicated by me, I trust you will not hesitate to make me [illeg] in any way you may desire and I will be glad [to have you remember?] that the pages of Engineering are always open for communications from your Laboratory. ## Trusting that the occasion will again arise when I shall have the pleasure of corresponding with you."









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[D8952ABK], Letter from James Dredge to Thomas Alva Edison, April 2nd, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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