[D8954ABL], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Alfred Ord Tate, March 2nd, 1889


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[D8954ABL], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Alfred Ord Tate, March 2nd, 1889

Editor's Notes

[This is an enclosure from the previous entry, D8954ABK] I enclose you a letter fro Messrs Dyer & Seely, together with the Powers of Attorney ready for filing?] which letter I wish you would have Mr. Edison read, and give Messrs. Dyer & Seely the necessary instructions to carry out my requet. The good reasons for which he will see as clearly as I do.##By adopting my recommendation I will save time in the [filing?] and an important sum in expenses. My expenses here on account of these patens are exceptionally heavy, as before filing them I have not only to have them re-prepared, according to English custom, but I am submitting the final specification for examination to Fletcher Moulton Z.C. & Sir Frederick Bramwel; and the additional expenses incurred in New York for merely "consolidating" these claims is of no advantae whatever so far as I can judge. A simple copy of the American specificaiton and the accompanying drawings is all that I shall require, and these might, I think, be furnished to me at a very small cost. I shall rely upon your kind support in this request as you have no object in making my expenses greater than they are--and they are necessarily very heavy in consequence of the long delya, of which delay, mark you, I make no complaint. I think what you have accomplished in the time you have had is so important that I cheerfully accord you all the necessary time for your work without complaint, whatever may be the consequent expense upon me.Yours very repy G.E. Gouraud P.S. In order not to hurt Messrs. Dyer & Seely's feelings you may, if you think best, give them the necessary instructions and not forward them the letter. I hope neither you nor they will understand me as making an adverse criticism on their work, which for the purposes of the American patents, I believe could not possibly be improved upon; but there are so many intricacies in this European patent business that I am led to the above conclusions, in both the wisdom and proprity of which I sincerely trust to have the cheerful accord of Messrs. Dyer & Seely, as well as yourself.





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