[D8954ACK], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, May 31st, 1889


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[D8954ACK], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, May 31st, 1889

Editor's Notes

[This is an enclosure to D8954ACJ] Dear Sir:-- Phonoraph Patents. England. Cases 88 & 87. These after being revised by Mr Hardingham, have been further considered and revised by Sir Frederick Bramwell, Bart. The points he raises are so important thi it is considered necessary to refer them to you before filing the final Specifications. The nine months expires tp-day, but has been extended for 30 days. It is consequently necessary that you should give the matter your immediate attention from the moment the papers reach you as unless they are returned in time for filing by the 29th of June the Patents will be lost except so far as they will be secured by filing the Specification, as we are of course to do according to our best lights, should we fail to hear from yo in time.##It is of the greatest importance that the documents herewith sent you, should be considered by you, and that the Patents be filed in accordance with your views after having considered Sir Frederick's observations. By the next mail will fillow a further letter from Mr Hardingham bearing upon this same question. We should hall all the papers back here a full week before the time for filing, and this is quite possible still leaving them in your hands a full week, which should be ample. I have always assumed that in drawing your foreign Specifications you would take into account the previous Patents bearing upon the subject, the Graphophone, Anders & Berliner, of which Ihave sent you copies, and of which I send you further copies by this mail in case you should have mislaid the otehrs.##It is evident that Sir Frederick considers you are trimming pretty close, not to say more, and it is important if you can maintain the claims as they are in view of the said Patents and Sir Frederick's observations upon them, that we should have your reasons for doing so as you may be able to point out difference which may have escaped them. You will I am sure see as clearly as I do the importance o giving it your careful consideration within the time named. I personally doubt the expediency of introducing into these later Cases the description of the Phonograph proposed by Sir Frederick, considering that it was not included in the two previous cases. The fact of doing so in the later Cases with the reasons for doing it, might give rise to the very question in connection with the earlier Cases which Sir Frederick is anxious to avoid. As to the expediency of this, however, we may safely leave to he judgement of our Patent Agents.##I shall be anxious to know ofhte safe arrival of these papers, and also the daet of their departure; so kindly cable on their receipt the word "Patents," and on their departure "Patents" followed by the name of the Steamer by which they have actually left. Yours sincerely G. G. Gouraud P.S. After the next mail I will send yo Sir Frederick Bramwell's report on CASE 88, which will also require your attention, but there is plenty of time for this, as this CASE has not to be filed for some weeks yet. Your attention ishowever urgently requested to the CASES now sent you viz:-- CASES 86 & 87. [Ack June 14/89]




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