[D8954ACR], Letter from Grosvenor Porter Lowrey to Thomas Alva Edison, June 1889


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[D8954ACR], Letter from Grosvenor Porter Lowrey to Thomas Alva Edison, June 1889

Editor's Notes

My dear Edison##It is time we had a decision in the Pittsburgh case--tho after all that depends on whether it is to be in our favor--For any decision against us it is much too early, as we shall agree.##Mr Thurston tells me that Judge Bradley is not noted for promptness in writing the opinion, & for that matter when they come out there is a finish about them which shows careful work & study. Really as such things go, it is scarcely possible that any judge should examine such a record in so short a time--But we were all in hope that he would determine it very promptly on points which stand so clearly above the water that much diving to investigate disputed points might--we hoped ["have been avoided" crossed out] dispensed with--I refer to the questions arising on the face of the patent, or in the file wrapper contents; and the state of the art, the discussion of which was assigned to Mr Thurston & Mr Dyer and excellently well done by each.##I am sitting here with a pencil in my hand, writing on the Canadian patent subject--&, thinking of you-- I send you this to say that I see no reason in the delay for changing the confident opinion which I formed as soon as I had sufficient familiarity wthl the facts to have an opinion--viz: that the facts once will out it is impossible for a good judge to decide that case against us--##That Bradley has been a wonderfully clear & able judge cannot be questioned--& if it were not for his having been for Drawbaugh in the telephone cases--I should think him perfect for the case.##We ought to have had five days on a side to bring out all the facts& properly mark them--instead of 1 1/2 days for each side--##The trouble is that a tired judge at the end of a long term may understand you well at the moment--& then forget--For such forgetfulness a full brief is ordinarily the best cure--but there was no time for that on our part at least, the evidence being in hand only a few hours before the argument began--##There the other side were better equipped than we--besides living in Pittsburgh & knowing the ropes-- It seems they had Curtis, Kerr, Buell & perhaps Dalzell constantly at work out of Court from the Sunday preceeding the trial--ith the entire resources of the larges printing office relays of men at work-- In everything they were able to [lard?] up on the morning after you left a brief--how complete I don't know since they refuse to show it to us--##The raw material for a brief, & a few printed pages which I have go ready was all sufficent I believe however wthl a judge whose industry & intellectual habit is, himself to go to the bottom of everything--& who is said seldom or never to read briefs of counsel.##There is a poem of Parsons with a line "When to any Saint I pray, It shall be to St Peray" [--- --- ----- ---]-- If you harm a favorite St pray to it for a speedy and wise judgment -----,G.P.L [PS] I send you a brief in the New York-M[-----] to the Canada case
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