[D8959ADW], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, September 7th, 1889


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[D8959ADW], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, September 7th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I have only to-day received you letter dated September the 3rd, in reply to mine to you written by Mr. Young in Paris on the 26th. I cannot account for this delay as I destroyed the envelope without noticing the postmark. If I had received this letter in the ordinary course, my letter to you of the 4th ([….])-would obviously have been somewhat modified. You’re your above referred to letter is in the main satisfactory, the principal point remaining unanswered ([…..]) that of the maximum prices. I had hoped you would have been able to give me the maximum prices as I understand that you have already made one thousand machines , which was to be the price determining quantity. However, so far as concerns the first thousand machines which I said sometime ago I would take, and for which no specific instructions were give as to the rate and dates at which I desired deliveries, I will not press you upon this point but will accept, for the present the arrangement you propose and which you explained is that which has been accepted by the North American Phonograph Company. ### Confidently believing that the ultimate prices will not exceed those you name, I will take the chance of this thousand, or such number as will have been delivered prior to the determination of the definite prices, which will no doubt be possible long before the whole thousand are delivered. ### I now, therefore, beg to say that I will accept delivery of one thousand Phonographs as follows:- ### At the rate of 20 per week, ### The first hundred to be shipped here at the earliest possible moment… ### I shall be glad if you will cable instructions accordingly upon receipt of this, and ask the works to inform you or me direct, as you prefer, and by cable as to the date at which I may expect the first shipment of one hundred or any part thereof, and if less than one hundred how many? ### I should also like to know how soon you can ship on hundred machines direct to either South America provided the order is cabled next week? This one hundred is to be part of the thousand. ### In fixing the rate of 25 per week, I have taken a very conservative view of what I shall be able to do. It is quite probable that I shall be able to take them at a much more rapid rate if from time to time you are able to spare me larger numbers from the North American Companies supply. ### It is understood that payment will be made you in accordance with our agreement namely, cash against invoice and bills of lading in New York. ### The proportion of the three kinds of machines will remain as already indicated in the previous letter. It is of the utmost importance that I should know by cable when I can confidently rely upon the ([…..]) shipment of either the hundred fifty or twenty five. ### I am not willing to take any chance as to the ([remainder of document illegible. LEAVE FOR EDITOR])"




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