[D8959AEO], Letter from Hugh De Coursey Hamilton to Edison Phonograph Works, September 20th, 1889


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[D8959AEO], Letter from Hugh De Coursey Hamilton to Edison Phonograph Works, September 20th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I enclose order No. 115 which I trust will receive immediate attention. I want these recorders etc. for making musical records hope they will be provided with sapphire knives and points. ### Battery ### Just completed a test of Edison from soda battery of four cells charged with material furnished with them and according to instructions. I short circuited the Battery only long enough for it to gain sufficient power to drive a phonograph which it afterwards ran fourty consecutive hours at 100 revolutions per minute and it supposed to run a machine 100 hours consecutively. This is my second test with the same result. ### Blanks ### Those with the tape inside have given us most satisfaction. Their only objection is that occasionally the tape ones loose but they served us better than those last received which are reamed inside. The letter we find not only ship in the cylinder but are very much easier broken and liable to mark. ### Why is it that with the same machines we are able to plane a true surface with one cutting on the taped blanks and it required several cuttings to plane a latest blank true? ### We are of opinion that records are not at all permanent on the dark grams, they seem to deteriorate merely by standing. ### We note on page 26 of the ‘Inspectors Handbook for the phonograph it speaks of the factory possessing very delicate gauges for adjusting and setting diaphragms where they require replacing. Please remember we are not initiated as a local American Co. Able to sen you damaged goods and have them returned in a couple of days, also that we have demands after and therefore be obliged if you send us a list of all such necessary gauges etc. for the repairing of, not only diaphragms, hit all nearing and therefore able parts, to enable us to order what we require. ### All and any other information you may furnish will be gratefully received by,




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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