[D8959AGC], Letter from Jonathan Lewis Young to Alfred Ord Tate, November 9th, 1889


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[D8959AGC], Letter from Jonathan Lewis Young to Alfred Ord Tate, November 9th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I have not heard from you so I suppose that you are alright. You will have been struck almost dead by the telegram I sent you today saying that the Colonel sailed by the Umbria in company with Moriarty the newphew of the Graphophone man, Seligman. I expect that you will have a warm time of it, but I hope that all will turn out right for Edison and everybody concerned. ## Let there be no jiggery pekery business and then we shall have one of the best things in this world. There is nothing advertised in europe like the Phono excpet for the crucifixion. Lord forgive me for my irreverence. But it's a fact. ## I hope you will have received the code book ere this and if there is anything that ou want to know telegraph tome. ## I should like to have a line from you when you can steal a few moments from your busy life. ## There is a gentleman named Garland-a particular friend of mine and a thorough business man, who is coming over to see Edison about the Australian business. He has hung around here for four months--E saw him here- trying to do business with the Colonel but the latter could not make up his mind to do anything definite and in a business shape. Of course, this man, who is an M.P. and big pet in australia, does not want to go on the "buy a hundred machines" game, but desires to fix up things so that he can form his companies to carry on a big thin. I hope you will do all you can and I know you have a great share in the deliberations, for him. You will find Garland a splendid fellow and a man you can trust. It seems peculiar for him to go over but he feels that nothing satisfactory can be done here in the present state of things, and thinks that E's presence will make matters right. He does not want us to give him anything but on the contrary will do more than we expect of such a man, and requires only fair remuneration. that's a ot about one thing. ## As regards the preface to my book, I find that the wrong thing has been sent. I wrote three and intended to let you have the briefest one but somehow or other it got sent in mistake to my btother. I would be thankful if you could get E to write a few lines. ## Will you ask Mr English at the Phono Works to send me pars of the factory there.





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