[D8959AGE], Letter from Hugh Hamilton to Thomas Alva Edison, November 13th, 1889


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[D8959AGE], Letter from Hugh Hamilton to Thomas Alva Edison, November 13th, 1889

Editor's Notes

[enclosed with D8959AGD] Dear Mr Edison Messrs Taylor Garnett & Co. proprietors of the Manchester "Guardian Evening News" &c who have one of the best, if not the best newspaper establishments in this country, last week ordered a full equipment of "Thorne" Machines and deputed me to ascertain from Col Gouraud if they could have phonographs immediately to work the "Thornes" they now have in connection with their Editorial & Reportorial departments. They undertaking to conform to the terms of purchase or rental of the phonographs when such are determined. I accordingly saw Col Gouraud who assented at once, but fearing from his peculiar methods that some unpleasant hitch might arise, I iterated & reiterated that I did not want any mistake or misunderstanding, and if there was any chance of him changing his mind he must say so then, but he declared positively, the "Guardian" people should have all the phonographs they desired without any delay, and suggested their sending a young man here in at once to be instructed in the use of the instrument.##I imparted this to Messrs Taylor Garnett & Co and naturally felt much incensed when informed on Saturday that Col Gouraud had left positive instructions with Mr Young that, with one exception in his [favor], no phonographs should be permitted to leave the office except for exhibition or lecturing purposes. I requested Mr Young to telegraph Col Gouraud & included is copy of his reply.##Now Col Gouraud had no right, and has given no reasonable ground for repudiating the arrangement made through me with Messrs Taylor Garnett & Co, whose immediate practical use of the phonograph and prominent advertisement of their employment thereof, will rather advance than retard the work of your Manchester agent, whenever he may be appointed-- I protest against such an unbusinesslike procedure on the part of Col Gouraud which places me in a false position, and, were such possible, belittles your great invention, and I confidently appeal to you to have me set right in the matter, by shipping half a dozen phonographs to Messrs Taylor Garnett & Co at once or cabling instructions here to deliver what phonographs they may desire, & I pledge myself to obtain from them an undertaking to use the instruments solely in their business, & to conform to the terms of purchase or rental when such are established, & not to use them for exhibition or lecturing purposes, which seem points of importance to Col Gouruad. Yours truly Hugh Hamilton##"Manchester Guardian must wait till I return as we can't put out any machines in Manchester till we have an agenet there. Will appoint an agent immediately I return & his first business shall be to do the MG. G.E.G.##If there is any force in the above, Col Gouraud knew it at the time he stated to me that the Manchester Guardian would positively have the phonographs without delay, and he had no right or should have no right to give me such assurances, & then repudiate it in the shabby manner he has done. Hugh Hamilton




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