[D8959AGT], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, May 1889


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[D8959AGT], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, May 1889

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[ OCR] [Probably early May 1889 as Tate left on 8 May; [tc? "Mr. Tate sails for Liverpool on July 2nd, S.S. "Arizona" LB031011] Kingsbury. He has no relation [with Gouraud] but used tobe with him, Kingsbury, in Gouraud's office. He is thoroughly posted as to Gouraud's methods, and may possible be friendly with Gouraud,: He is quite talkative, well posted and known well by Mayer.: You ought to be able to get from him a great deal of general information. I found I was able to when I was in London last. VERITY. Verity is by no means friendly towards Gouraud, but will do almost anything for Lk.: If Gouraud is dealing with Spencer Balfour, Sir Geo. Elliot, or any of the same crowd, you can probably get a great deal of information from Verity. As to the exact composition of this crowd, you can find out in conversation with Verity, or by looking up the Electrical Companies, whose Board of Directors contains the names of the above named gentlemen, include ng Verity. You can get this information of Companies from a book called the "Directory of Directors", which is published I think in the month of April of each year. When Verity was here he wanted to buy the Phonograph for Sir Geo. Elliot, Spencer Balfour, etc. It is just within the range of possibility that these same people may be interested with Seligman, as at the time we we negotiating with_x000c_2. Seligman here, I cabled Verity to know if his friends were interested with him, but so far as I can recollect we have sever had a reply. You will find Verity very talkative* and although he tries to be quite mysterious, you can get a great deal moreinformation out of him, than you need give. M. M. MOORE. He used to have relations with Gouraud years ago. Although they are, so far as I am aware, friendly, I do not believe they are at all confidential; but it is quite possible that Moore may be interested with Gouraud. I know that personally he does not admire Gouraud's methods, and although I would not be inclined to treat him with very great confidence, I am sure that were I in London I could get a great deal of information out of him, if he has any. PARRISH. He was largely interested with Gouraud in connection with the exploitation of the telephone. Made a great deal of money out of Gouraud in connection therewith. I have gained the impression, but from what source I cannot remember, that Gouraud intended to try and interest Parrish in the Phonograph. Parrish is the largest stock holder in the telephone business in England._x000c_3« WATERHOUSE I very much question whether he is acting as Mr.Gouraud's Attorney. He may however, figure in the Phonograph, in connection with the disclaimer of the old Phonograph, because he is Attorney for the Telephone Company, for whose benefit the original Phonograph was disclaimed. I consider him the second best for legal advise, owing to the fact that he is acquainted with Gouraud's methods, and understands the general Edison situation in England.: RENSHAW. If Renshaw is not acting as Mr.Gouraud's Attorney, he is the very best man to advise you.: For several years he was quite intimate with Gouraud, and understands his methods thoroughly. Knows everybody financially in London. Probably by the time you rot to London, we shall cable you with relation to one or the other of these two Lawyers, and if we instruct you to go to one for legal advise, I do not hink it would be desirable for you to present the letter of intro- duction to the other.: After thinking the matter over a little further, I may decide to cable each of them, asking whether he is Gouraud's Attorney. GENERALLY. Owing to the great length of time since I have had any personal talk with the above people, if I were going to London myself I would not show my hand in any way to anybody. I simply give you these letters in the hope that it nay help you to get information? You will find John Verity:the most talkative, because like most young men, he is very anxious to show that he is extremely well posted, and acquainted with a great many big men.
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