[D8966ACG1], Letter from William S Logue to Samuel Insull, September 14th, 1889


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[D8966ACG1], Letter from William S Logue to Samuel Insull, September 14th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Kansas City Mo Sept [4th 1889####Mr. Saml Insull####Dear Sir, Orange N.J.####Please find below a list of the circuits, with the length of same, and number of offices which whicch we have been asked to make estimates on. You will please noticec that all of them are too long for us to handle. The equipment of 100 miles of any of the circuits would not do the railroads any good. As there are no stations within that distance that has business enough to relieve the wire. If we could handle circuits say 150 or 165 miles long I think that we could come pretty near touching Mr Edisons estimate of 200 circuits in two years. Nearly all the roads in the west report being short of wire facilities, and would consider the advisability of adopting the phonoplex if it would work a longer distance. I did not say to any of the gentlemen that we declined to try the circuits. But asked them to wait a short time, as Mr Edison Edison had some of his experiementers at work on the Phonoplex and we expected to be able to work a longer distance very soon. A number of the roads are making estimate for puttting up wires and we will have to hurry up if we wish to catch the [plan?]####Mr. O.W. Bell of the Lake Erie & Western has two circuits about 150 or 160 miles with 15 or 20 offices.####Mr. Boyd of the I.D. & W. has 140 miles 16 offices.####Mr. J.L. Orbison of the C.H. & D has 110 miles with 6 or 7 offices wants to see the system work before he decides.####Mr. Evans of the Louisville & Nashvville has 110 miles 12 offices has estimate and papers in hands of general manager.####Mr. C.W. Hammond of the Missouri Pacific has several circuits 150 to 165 miles long that he could use the system on, but will try and see if he can find a place to use it, sent an assistant from St Louis to Kansas City to see how it worked.####Mr. D.W. Littlefield of the cotton belt road was in Mr Hammonds officce when I called very much interested, cam to Kansas City with me to see the Kansas City and Fort Scott Circuit work, very much pleased, has a circuit 154 miles long, wants us to try, says has good wires & nice country, will write the office.####Mr. J.J. Burns of the Dener & Rio Grande R.R. sent man from Denver to Kansas City to investigate the system, went away surprized at the way it worked. Has circuit 127 miles with 13 offices.####Mr. Sprague of the K.C. Fort Scott & Memphis Road, who is at present working a circuit of 199 miles between Kansas City & Fort Scott. Has another circuit of 140 miles long with 7 or 8 offices on that he would like to try it on.####I do not think there is any doubt about me our getting all of these cirucits to equip if we could handle them. It seems to me that it would be a very good idea to bring the matter before Mr. Edison as soon as he returns.####Mr. Sprague has very kindly shown the Phonoplex to a number of railroad telegraph men, and always spoken in the highest praise of its good qualities. It has no bad ones we all know####Yours truly####W.S. Logue####[name mentions: Samuel Insull, William S Logue, Lake Erie & Western Railroad, Denver & Rio Grande Railway Co, Mr. Sprague, Thos Edison, CW Hammonds, J.J. Burns, D.W. Littlefield, O.W Bell, JL Orbison]





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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