[D8970AAT], Letter from T H McAllister to Thomas Alva Edison, February 19th, 1889



New York, Feby 19th 1889####Thomas A. Edison Esq####Orange NJ####Dear Sir,####There appears to be some misunderstanding as regards your enclosed order for lantern views part of which we have already filled. From the fact that some views were returned to us (and for which we have given you due credit) . and from subsequent conversation with Mr Kennelly we gather that you are under the impression the views were sent you on selection--which is not the way we understand the case. - Our understanding was that you gave a positive order in person to our Mr CW McAllister for the line of views which you marked in catalogue that you gave him should you desire views on selection we of course would be very happy to send you any number that you wish at our regular catalogue terms - but at the specially low prices quoted, to you we cannot afford it - however as there appears to be this misunderstanding and with a view of straightening matters in a manner that will be thoroughly satisfactory - we will credit your account with any views returned to us within one week fro, date of this letter - Not leaving from you we shall conclude that you desire to retain all the views sent you - and in view of the length of time they have been out of our stock and the low price at which we told them to you - we would request a check for the enclosed statement - or if you prefer we will draw on you for amount of same sight draft March 1st 1889####We await your furtther directions as to whether we will fill the balance of your order to be charged at the special prices quoted you - or cancel the same -- or whether you prefer the views to be sent you on selection at our regular catalogue prices --####We want your order - and want to go ahead with it but there is no profit in it, at prices quoted - unless for prompt cash -####Thanking you for your esteemed order - which we certainly would be pleased to fill - and awaiting your reply####We are yours truly####T.H. McAllister####[name mentions: Thos Edison, T.H. McAllister, A.E. Kennelly]








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[D8970AAT], Letter from T H McAllister to Thomas Alva Edison, February 19th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University