[D9238AAI1], Letter from Grover Cleveland to Richard Lynch Garner, March 28th, 1892


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[D9238AAI1], Letter from Grover Cleveland to Richard Lynch Garner, March 28th, 1892




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


[Marginalia: Not to solicit Loans]
New York, March 31st, 1892.
Mr. Thos. A. Edison
We are sufficiently well acquainted with Mr. Garner and his work to feel no hesitancy
In recommending him and it to the favorable consideration of all people interested in scientific investigation.
Mr. Garner estimates that $10,000 will cover the necessary expenses of his trip to Africa, including the scientific outfit and contingent expenses, and he proposes to raise this sum by asking one hundred people, who are able to do so, to loan him one hundred dollars each for that purpose. He leaves a life insurance policy, assigned to The State Trust Co. of New York, in trust, for the benefit of the people loaning the money in case anything happens to him while he is gone, and he engages to lecture on his return, devoting one-half of the proceeds of his lecture to the payment of the money so loaned him until all is repaid.
Mr. Garner prefers to raise the money by a loan rather than to ask for it in the way of a donation in the cause of science, as he well might do. The security which he offers for repayment would seem to be such as to make the transaction a tolerably inviting one, while each person advancing one hundred dollars to him for this purpose will know that he is helping forward a most worth cause and aiding materially in the advancement of human knowledge.
Will you not be one of one hundred subscribers to this fund?
[Marginalia: Walter J. Logan O.B. Potter
Chad P. James B.
James Mecklenburg Bailey Thomas A. Edison
Samuel S. McLane]
Lakewood, A.J. March 28th, 1892.
R. L. Garner. Esq.
Dear Sir:
Our conversation today touching your contemplate trip to Africa has somewhat aroused my interest in the object of your travel, and made me wish that you make further investigations and experiments in testing or establishing your theory in regard to animal language.
The plan you propose for raising funds for the prosecution of your inquiries seems to me to be a manly and straightforward one, and I certainly hope that you may succeed in that direction.
Yours very truly,
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