[D9239AAF], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, March 23rd, 1892


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[D9239AAF], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, March 23rd, 1892




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


March 23rd, 1892.
Thomas A. Edison,
Orange N.J.
Dear Mr. Edison: -
I hand you herewith a letter from the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition company advising you that they have passed your personal credit on their book sunder date August 14th, 1890, $3, 500.00
You will recollect that this is the amount which was paid by check to the order of Jesse H. Lippincott. Mr. Lippincoot turned it in to two Trustees of whom Mr. Blodgett, late of Spencer, Trask & Company was one.
The winding up of the duties of this Trusteeship was somewhat delayed owing to the incapacitation of Mr. Blodgett, but the matter has now been straightened out and you are probably credited on the books of the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Company.
I am in correspondence now with the Automatic Company in regard to obtaining for you an acknowledgement of this debit in some form so that it will be a first lien upon the Company’s assets. I am also in communication with Major Eaton on the same subject.
The amount at present is simply credited in open account which, considering the nature of the payment, I do not think is a proper way to treat it.
Yours truly,
Alfred [Tate, Alfred Ord] [ENCLOSURE]
Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co.,
Edison Building
No. 44 Broad Street
New York, March 19th., 1892
Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,
Orange, N.J.
Dear Sir: -
We have this day passed to your personal credit on our books under date of August 15th. 1890, Thirty Five Hundred Dollars ($3,500.)
This is the Amount that the north American Phono-graph Company inform us, had been advanced by you but through a misunderstanding, was not properly credited.
Yours very truly,
Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co.
Felix Gottschalk
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