[D9239AAK], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to New York Phonograph Co, Richard Townley Haines, October 14th, 1892


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[D9239AAK], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to New York Phonograph Co, Richard Townley Haines, October 14th, 1892




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co.,
Edison Building,
No. 44 Broad Street,
New York,
Richard Tosnley Haines, Esq., See’y.,
New York Phonograph Co.,
New York City.
Oct. 14, 1892.
Dear Sir: -
Referring to the conversation which we had the other day in regard to a settlement between the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Company and the N.Y. Phonograph Company, I beg to say that if you can give an assurance that the same will be favorably considered by your Directors, I will advise the board of this Company to make the following adjustment.
I find that the number of phonographs in use under the agreement of January 7th 1892, for the months of June, July, August and September was, respectively, 154; 166; 164 and 107. The amount due to the New York Phonograph Company on the basis of the minimum guarantee of six dollars per machine per month aggregate $3,546.00.
The total number of machines in the hands of this company during the above period was 179, according to your records. Our records show 176, but for the present purposes we will use the former figures. As 83 s per month per machine these rentals would amount to $1, 188.56. Prior to the 1st day of February 1892, this Company paid to you certain rentals applicable to the period subsequent to the date mentioned, as follows:
July 1, 91 to July 1st, 92, 35 Phonographs at $10 --- - $350
Aug. 1, 91 to Aug. 1, 92, 47 * * * 470
Sept. 1, 91 to Sept. 1, 92, 15 * * * 150
Oct. 1, 91 to Oct. 1, 92, 20 * * * 200
Nov.1, 91 to Nov. 1, 92 6 * * * 60
Dec. 1, 91, to Dec. 1, 92 1 * * * 10
Jan. 1, 92, to Jan. 1, 93 1 * * * 10


$1, 250
Of this amount of $1, 250, the sum of $651.51 is applicable to the period following the 1st day of February, 1892.
Since the 27th of last May when you cancelled the contract theretofore existing between us we have paid you in cash the sum of $2, 787.98.
To recapitulate, our accounts at the present time stand as follows upon the above basis:
Minimum guarantee on machines in use under
contract of January 7, 1892-------------$3, 546.00

“Accrued rentals on 179 machine sat 83 cents

each per month ------------------------1, 188.56


$ 4, 734. 56 4734.56
Rentals paid in advance ----------------- 661. 51
Cash remitted -------------------------------2, 787. 98 3449.49
Balance due your Company ------------------- $ 1265. 07
In satisfaction of the above indebtedness I will, as indicated above, recommend to our Board that the turn over to the New York Phonograph Company fifty cabinets equipped with automatic mechanism. These cabinets cost us forty dollars each. We are arranging now to turn over to you all the property belonging to your Company, and if the above proposition is satisfactory we will send to you 25 cabinets in addition to the 25 which we loaned to you the other say in settlement of all claims of your Company against the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Company.
Yours Very truly,
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