[FB002AAG] Letter, c. 1888


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[FB002AAG] Letter, c. 1888

Editor's Notes

Your last letter I received last Tuesday. I was very much confused at what you said in it. I have not a soubt but what you say is perfectly fine but I certainly did not realize that it was not nice to go without my drawers.I have worn draws this winter but to be frank it was only because I felt cold. I did not wear them in the summer because I am always so warm that I wear as little as I possibly can. I have thick ? Of ? But I really never thought about it until you wrote. Mama I have come to the conclusion that I would rather come home. I am not only down in my own estimation but also in other people's. Of course it would be all right to stay with as little work to do as I have but I do not have enough to keep me out of mischief or to keep me interested in my studies. As I said before if I had not gotten in with the girls I had, staiying here would be all right except I would not improve any but I have gotten in with girls, who think almost intirely of fun, they do not all enjoy {innocent?] fun but {drans with me?] and I find that a plenty. The way I came to have so many {pairss?] was that when I had that month I changed them about every other day but now I am al over it and of course do not need so many changes. I am very sorry Mama that I did not wear them last summer I never thought for a moment but that it was perfect night I thought that they were a mere protections from cold and as I never felt the cold when I went without them I decided it was more comfortable without them so did not wear them. I agree perfectly with you, it certainly cannot be nice to expose [these lasts?] are not contented until they forget that they are women and indulge in smoking and many other "innocent pleasures" that although I was not very good before I came to school yet I must confess I have had occasion many time to be shocked at. If you were only a little less what you ought to be you would be able to understand that lots of time is more apt to encourage these things than if one had lots of [shidyrico?] to keep their mind on [?] [recufried?]. I went to Miss Johnson after reading your letter and she said if I had begun Latin or Algebra in the fall I would have had plenty to do, no doubt she is right but she nor no one else can ever get me to study Latin, at any rate there is no use crying over spilt milk. I wish you would write Miss Johnson but I know that nothing can be done as to my taking up more studies. We have just commenced the History of Rome [really?] couldn't I come home and study that and the other studieswith Mrs. Mc Williams. I will send you a schedule of my day work and I will leave it to you to decide whether something had better be done or not. Why last letter was very different from this one when I wanted to stay now I want to go. You know how opposed I was to studying with Mrs. McWilliams will I am still just as much opposed but I am thinking what is best for me. I have talked with many of the teachers about my studies and all seem very anxious to help me but you know that [six?] teachers for [168?] girls does not leave the teachers very much recreation to help me if they would. I have heard [?] that have said of me that very much hurt my feelings, they all seem to think it my own fault that I only take one lesson and they say that I am going to be trained up to be a society girl and don't care a bit for study, of course the girls join them in making these unjust remarks and it makes me feel very badly. I went home with my friend [Miss Rilley? Reimer?] I received a big box of Huylers from a [farming?] man. I was introduced to going down on the train to [mas?] this is the second box he has sent me, he also sent me some superb roses this Friday after my return I forgot to tell you. I think he must be an idiot to send as much stuff and I only met him once. I am going to write Mrs. Reimer soon. I have decided to write her a number of times but something has always interrupted me and I never finished it. Write soon mama and tekk me what you think.Mrs. J said you ought surely have heard from the girls by this time. Love to all Lovingly Marion




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