[FB003AAD], Letter from Marion Estelle Edison to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 6th, 1889


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[FB003AAD], Letter from Marion Estelle Edison to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 6th, 1889

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[Grand Hotel Britannia] You will see from the heading of my letter that we have left Munich. I assure you have left without many regrets. I dislike the [---?] very much and do not look --- and with much ----------------This Brigham has written Mrs. Attractive only and for my part as for us I am studying I would rather be in the [-----] If Mrs. Earl would hear of going to Neuchatel I will write you why I wish so much to go there. Miss Brigham says she knows that Mrs. Earl would be willing to go anywhere with me but of course Mrs. [Mc Carsling?] is Mrs. [Earle's?] strict consideration and if Mrs. Mc C wishes to spend the winter in Munich then of course I shall have to live with them whenever they me: We are now in "Jimmy & baby" and I think it perfectly lovly. I wish [----?] and told her what [?] dislike. I have taken to it. I would certainly write her myself if I thought it would at all the thing, as long as I promised to take everything as it was. I do not feel that I could very well ask Mrs. Earle any favor. Neuchatel I think I would prefer to any other place I know of. I cannot understand the attraction Munich has for people. I think people like the German [whines? While?] as a [smile?] for the Opera which is normally very good but I have heard that the Opera in M is perfectly miserable. It is to me a very important you and Papa had come here instead of going to gloomy old Germany. I am sure you would have taken home with you a brighter impression of Europe. Venice is simply delightful. It seems almost like a dream that I am really here. We came here on Friday and you can imagine that we have not lost any time. Without exception it is the most interesting city I have seen in Europe. It is such a novel sensation to go through the streets in Gondolas. Our room is on the dearest little garden you ever saw. You can see it from the point at the top of this page only it is very much [fucltiva?} On clear days people drink their coffee and [hignonc?] out on little tables under the trees. Every thing is so novel here, queer people queer homes and so many queer things to sell. I like the sound. Tuesday morning we start for Florence. I think we will probably be there for a week or more as there is great deal to be seen. Florence was the home of "Romula" you remember. Ok am a {?} I must apologize for the miserable letter I sent you from Munich, you who says write such [?] write such twice interesting interesting letters that I am always ashamed to answer them. I know though that you will make allowance for me. I never can write a nice letter but I [?] and do the best I can but even then they fall very much short of what I should of [-----?] very much, and I am anxious to earn it. I would like very much to spend a winter in Italy before I come home. The music here they say is excellent and beside that I could learn Italian. If I l [know?] French, Italian and English I shall feel that as far as the languages are concerned my education will be very complete. Miss Brigham had a letter sent to Berlin in care of Papa. [TAE] Have you seen [or he and?] anything from it, if so will you send it to her as soon as possible as it is some thing quite important. Like them to be. Thank Papa for me for his letter of credit he sent me also give him my love and tell him I think of him very often. I have paid my bills but it is [likely?] slmost the sum of my forty follars for the year. Never mind I have the other forty and after my X-mas presents are bought I shall have plenty for myself as long as all my clothes for winter I have. Give my love to all. Have you sent [---?] and the gloves I bought for him. I think of you too often Mama dear--and wish that I could see you. Your [several?] letters are more than appreciated by me M.E.E




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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