[FB003AAE], Letter from Marion Estelle Edison to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, November 2nd, 1889


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[FB003AAE], Letter from Marion Estelle Edison to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, November 2nd, 1889

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[Grand Hotel, Naples] I have waited a long time for a letter from you until I have at last come to the conclusion that you have untimely forgotten [---?] me or that your letter must have been lost. The first I flatter myself would be impossible the last highly improbable. The best conclusion is doubtless that you have been so busy ever since your return that you have had no time for letter writing. I have seen ever so much since my last letter from Venice. If I should try to tell you my whole letter would be but a guide book on a small scale. So that I must content myself with telling you that I have enjoyed almost [minute or far?] my visit to Italy. As I said before I only wish you and Papa could have seen it before you [selimmed?] from me. [For gland?] France and Germany are so very like home that you have not had a fair chance to judge of Europe. Here in Italy every thing is so different from anything I have ever seen before that to me it is by far the most interesting country I have ever been in. He and [---?] in Naples, perhaps you will be surprised to know that we are already so far south but we will stop again in almost every place we have been in one many month I think one enjoys a thing more if they do not allow themselves to become tired of it. I have taken a great fancy to Rome and would like very much to spend a winter there before I return to America but I find that the climate of southern Italy does not agree with me or in other words it makes me feel lazy which would never do for study. I do not much blame the modern Italians for hating to work and only wonder whether the old Romans raked up energy enough to build the [----?] and of Colossal palaces that now are in ruins. I am now sitting before a [wonder?] that overlooks the most beautiful view in Naples beautiful indeed it is, beneath the famous [Bong?] with the reflection of the sun first setting behind Mt. Vesuvius. Please don't laught at my slim attempt at [lyricism?]. Mrs. Bingham wishes me to ask you if you have received her two letters and our accounts. I am very sorry that I have to send so soon again for a new letter of credit. Mrs. Brigham advised me to pay all my bills so of course what has taken a good part to pay them [of his letter?]. Papa has travelled in Europe and knows from experience how very expensive travelling it. We have travelled 1st class because I insisted, if 2ns class is not good enough for Papa's son [---?] it is not good enough for his daughter. This is the only incident where we would have saved and [page break] they could keep track of me. I have not done so [suget?] as I would not have her think of me at all anxious to come. I know I shall have a lovly time after Christmas. I think I had better settle down in Munich and wait for Mrs. Earl. I am certainly very tired of sightseeing and if you can believe it I look forward with great pleasure to settling once more [page break] have not done so. Miss Brigham seems very careful and I know she likes to keep account of every son that is [paired?] and I know she is afraid, you will blame her for the amount of money spent out but I assure you that if it had not been for my [wrilir ont-fit?] bills the money would have lasted much longer. I think I shall spend Christmas with Mrs. Rathenau in Berlin, her invitation could not have been more pressing, she spoke of it several times after you left and asked me to write her from Italy so that [page break] I am working ,Grandma, some tapestry for Xmas, if I sent it to you by mail will you have it made for me? I think it the best way, [chiro? Clohtes?] is the only thing I shall send Xmas except you all, of course, I shall send some little thing to all that I care anything for but I do not thing anyone will escpect a present {----?] from me [?] Mrs. R wishes to be remembered, she is lovly to me. Have been ill and and she was so good to me. Tell Papa I do write to any body but you but I lovelove him just the same. Give my love to all and write me VERY soon, lovingly M.E




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