[FB004AAA1] Letter, April 1889


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[FB004AAA1] Letter, April 1889

Editor's Notes

[Hotel Normandie] Your long looked for letter arrived at last and I can assure you that I was more than glad to hear from home. You are intirely forgiven for your long neglect first because you offered [such?] a good excuse and secondly because you wrote me such a nice long letter. Everything is getting on nicely here for the present, that is between Aunt Jannie and myself, but I don't believe I can say the same thing of the girls. Mlle continues as disagreeable as ever and I do not believe that either parties concerned will regret very much when the time comes for Mlle to leave. I think that if nothing happens unpleasant before the girls start, that I will go with them, I hope that you will [surely?] come over in August or before if possible. I think it would be very pleasant for us to join you and then we all five could travel together. I do not know whether I told you or not that we called on Mrs. Earle. Aunt Jannie says she is disappointed but she likes her well enough to want her to take the girls next winter if thye stay. I was very much pleased with her, she is a good conversationalist and all in all very clever.I have not seen enough of her to form a better criticism. She is tall and not at all good looking, not a very objectional fault however.I think in my last letter that I told you all about our trip to Tours, we had a delightful time and I think the trip did us both good. We are now back in Paris and nicely settled until we start travelling. Tonight we are to drink with the girls, we generally take dinner [round?] there on Sunday. I am going to start the [doncetahls? Dance lessons?] next week, Aunt Jannie took her first one Thursday but I have not been well this week so I could not take one Tuesday or Wednesday. Aunt Jannie & [Marie?] say they do not [hurt?] perhaps they don't but I know I would be very much [feared?] afraid? [page break] You get all undressed and stand in one corner of the room and the girl stands in the other corner on a platform and gives you a sort of a shower [talk?] only it is much more severe. I am going to take them every day before we start and by that time I will be almost a living skeleton. Can you imagine such a thing? I have had my red dress all made over and it looks very nicely. I hope you are all well and happy. How could you tantilize me by telling me what I missed Mr. Reimer the day I sailed! Perhaps it was just as well that I missed him as far as the candy was concerned. [Mamie? Janie?] brought me a box and both [Hamilton?] Wallace and Tom [Kick?] brought me great big boxes. They came just as the steamer was about to start but they were in time to throw them at the steward who caught them fortunately for me. Give my love to all and remember me to any of my friends whom you may chance to see. [Milk?] ever so much love. I am yours lovingly, Marion
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