[FI001ABZ], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, February 1st, 1888


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[FI001ABZ], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, February 1st, 1888

Editor's Notes

15-8053. Oh how I do wish you could come this far with Mr. Edison. Wouldn’t we have a good Time, if I was sure it would not hurt you I would say come by yourself but I fear so we will do all we can to have Grace go and stay with you while Mr. Edison is gone, now my dear I do wish you was as well as I am, I feel better than I have for some time past. I think that little sick spell did me good and I think doctor underwood is a good doctor so I am very well and all of us are now, if you were all right with that little [pelt?] in your armes we would all feel so glad. I do hope all will be right with you and it is not very long now while we will know all about what is going on at preset. Will you try and take good care of yourself and keep well and be happy and contented. Theodor did receive that very nice and pleasing game and he with all the rest enjoy it very much and Theodor has commenced a letter to you full of thankes but has delayed in sending it. We with him do thank you and Mr. Edison for such a nice rememberance. Miss Elder and Miss Anna Studebaker with Mr. Marvin and [Jaine?] Eddie John Theodor had a very lively time with it last evening and Eddie lost the [bell?] so he had to beat all with an oyster stew [?] So all went over and took a Tobagan slide and then went to [bras?] and had there oysters, I think they had a very lively time. Miss Anna and [Louis?] with Grace went to the young folkes [prayer?] meeting but Anna said it was that much better for them for they had a good meeting and all the rest as they did she thinkes it payed to be good. I think she is a very lively and good girl, I like her very much. We expect a house full tomorrow as uncle Jacob and Aunt Alice, Robbie and Louie with the younge ladies Ira and Cora and all the Canton folkes will stay all night so it will be nearly a house full when it comes to sleeping ## I do wish you could be with us so that would be jolly but I gess it is better as it is, so we will be contented and have a good time any way, won't we dear. They would all be glad to [visit?] as nicely every thing you have. We think Grace did very very well and in fact all did but Grace did rather better than all the rest and she looked very nice. All the firles were dressed in white and all looked very well, but some of them had so much trimming on there dresses that did not look very neat. Grace was quite plain but pretty. ## I hope you can see her with it on. Grace read with a loud and clear voice. She thinkes she read to loud but all the others think not. She is very busy studying with Miss Angel, but I do hope she can come and stay with you a little time. It will do both good, did Robbie send you a paper about there Anniversery, if not I will gett one and send. ## It was to bad about those bookes, but do not wory, not about a thing but be happy and contented and all will be right.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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