[FI001ACB], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, February 12th, 1888



15-8052. My dear Mina and Mr. Edison, ## and I might say my dear Grace, as she is with you and will no doubt hear or read these few ill writen and comforted and poor spelt lines, I speak of all these [misstakened?] but I feel as though they would all be looked over and what even may be in these may cheer and if it could be make your life seem as bright and beautiful as the bright sun of the present time makes our room at this time. It seemes so good to be able to sit at the little [breakfast? Leafat?] ## the window in our room and write this letter to you my 2 dear ones. This is the first time I have been able to sit hear and write for a long time and freely. I have the sun so bright and cheery, in fact we have not seen the sun for so long it seemes as though we were in an other place and we could not say enough about its beauty. If we could only have such light and cheerfulness in us how different this life wouls seem and be to us. It did cheer me so much to read your lovely letter the other day dear Mina and I do thank dear Mr. Edison for his love to me. I would love to please him and be albe in some way to keep his respect and good wishes. I cannot say his love for I cannot think I am worthy of his love or any one elses as there is not a good thing Ican do, but dear Mina can and I do trust you will always be able to keep his and you will or can win him closer and closer every year you may live together, that is our [privilege?], may it be so with you and Mr. Edison and you, pa and I. ## I expect you are having quite a merry time now with those two lively girles. I can tell you we miss them hear with us. Just think we had no one to take dinner with us to day but Mr. Marvin. Pa, [Jone?] and Theoder, Jennie is in Canton. Eddie, Shine, Gorge, Vincent were all over to [house?] for dinner, what do you think of that. If Mr. Marvin had not been hear there would only been 4. What a come downe. I think it is to bad all gone not little folkes any more. What shall I do, tomorrow we expect doctor Vincent and Gorge, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent with [Thery?] to take dinner with us and in the afternoon your pa started to your place, so it may he will get there before this and he can or will tell you more than I can think of now. I want to say I am afraid dear Gracedid not understand me and she will not give as much of my love and best wishes as I would like her to. I hope you both will please excepting love and best wishes and I hope you will please remember me to Grace and the dear little boys and Anna. I hope they will all be good and cheer you and all in your house. Please remember me to all in your house, ## P.S Pa will soone be with you and tell all and more than I have or can. Dear Grace will write soon to you with lots of love and good wishes to you and all. I will close, goodby from mother. ## P.S I just telephone over to Miss Angles and they say she is not very much better. I will go and see her as soone as I can. Goodby Eiddie and Mr. Marvin send love and good wishes.








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[FI001ACB], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, February 12th, 1888

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