[FI001ACK], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, December 16th, 1888


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[FI001ACK], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, December 16th, 1888

Editor's Notes

15-8169. "My dear Mina and Mr. Edison: O I am so glad the time is so short that we shall see each other and I do trust have a merry time or [Christmass?] and a Happy New Year. Jennie said you thought you could not start home until Sunday evening. I was so sory to hear that but if you cannot come any sooner I do hope you [will not? Without?] for anything but severe sickness, and don’t fail to come at that time. I do wish you would come sooner and stay a long time. Do not fail to come just as soone as you can and stay just as long as you possibly can, do not fail. Dear Mina, I do not think I would bring you but truble and so many things if it will make you so much truble don't make yourself all tired out in getting ready. Come just as you are and I think we can get what you will want for little darling but darling if you can bring three or four sheetes for the crib I would be glad as we do not have any and I did not think of it in time to gett [it hind?] I would liike. Now do not I get to tired in packing and get sick. You will please let us know when you start so we can be at the train. O how glad we will all be when you get hear. Mr. Edison, Marion, Thomas and William and little darling Madlene. The little darling. I do wish she and my dear Maime was hear now. I do hope dear Mr. Edison and my dear children will have a good time. Do you think they will. What can I do or all us to make it plesent for the dear ones. I want to do all I can but the time is so short one can hardly do any thing. O if we could have dear Mamie and Gracy would not we have a nice time then for sure. I was glad to learn dear [Mamie?] was a little better. I do hope she may get well and stronger than ever. Her letter was short but a good one. It seemes strange we cannot get letters oftener. Dear Mina do not worry about any thing but bring just what you like and would enjoy the most and we will try and get what you nead. Do not get sick in getting ready to come hear, do all come just as soone as you can. ### And stay as long as you can. Please except love and best wishes. Please kiss each other for me and dear little Madelene and the dear boys a good [kiss?] from Mother. ### Don't forget the dinner cards. Did you get the [glass?] fan and comb? I got home all right. It was [mee?] I came. I was taken sick in the cars and I was not prepared. Goerge Vincent [such?] me at Buffalo for a few minutes. ### How is the darling Madalene. I really think she is the sweetest baby I ever saw. I was going to say [is as?] candy but they all think Octklyn?} is good. ###With love, Jennie [Note: Jennie writes the last page of this letter]




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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