[HK211AAA], Agreement, Justus B Entz, Thomas Alva Edison, March 15th, 1889


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[HK211AAA], Agreement, Justus B Entz, Thomas Alva Edison, March 15th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Justus B Entz and Thomas A Edison Agreement as to Patents ########### 1889, by and between JUSTUS B. ENTZ, of Schenectady, State of New York of party of the first part, and THOMAS A. EDISON, of Orange, State of New Jersey, party of the second part. Whereas Mr.Entz has made certain inventions relating to dynamo electric machines or motors, the same being set forth in two certain applications for United States Letters Patent therefor, one of the said applications having been filed December 6, 1888, S. No. 292, 837, for improvements in a class of machines known as multiplar dynamo electric machines or motors and the other having been filed Jauary 12, 1889, S.N. 206, 153, for improvments in a class of machines known as unipolar dynamo electric machines of motors; and Whereas Mr. Entz has by written instruments of assignment dated respectively January 3, 1889 and January + date ______, 1889, assigned the said improvements and such letters Patent therefore as may be granted upon said applications, to Mr. Edison and WHEREAS Mr. Edison is willing to agree to pay to Mr. Entz a certain royalty for using the aforesaid patents when granted, the same being finally set forth below in this agreement: ############# NOW, THEREFORE,in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid by each of the parties hereto to the receipt whereof is herebyacknowledged, it is AGREED as follows: FIRST, Upon the inventions covered by the Latters Patent, which may be granted upon the aforesaid two applications for Letters Patent, or either of them, and used by MR. Edison as manufacturer, or by any other manufacturers whom he may license to use the inventions covered by the said Letters Patent, or either of them, Mr. Edison will pay to Mr. Ent a royalty of one per contum, that is to say, one dollar on each and every one hundred dollars, on the price at which either he as a manufacturers, may actually sell the same to customors. Whenever Mr. Edison shall furthor more make to mr. Entz thereof. Mr. Edison shall futthor more make to Mr. Entz regular quaterly statements of the movent due to him for royalties as provided for in this instrument, and shall may the same to Mr. Entz not later than one month after such regular quarterly statements are made. It is, however, agreed that if Mr. Edison as a manufacturer or any other manufacturer when he may license is onjoined by legal proceedings from using the inventions covered by the said patents, or either of them or if any of the said patents are adjudged void, as regards such inventions or patents, no royalty shall be said SECOND. The aforesaid two applications for patents shalll be in the charge of such patent solicitors as Mr. Edison may from time to time designate, whose charges and fees, together with all other expenses incidental to the obtaining of the said patents, shall be borne and paid for entirely by Mr. Edison. Mr. Entz will at any time or times hereafter execute such other and further instruments in writing as Mr. Edison may require to fully effectually carry out the provisions and intent of this agreement, the expense thereof to by paid for by Mr. Edison. THIRD. This instrument shall bind and enure to the benefit of each of the parties hereto, and their several heirs, executors and legal representatives. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have t othis instruments set their several hands and seals on the day and year above named, at the City of New York





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