[HM88ABD], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Henry Villard, December 11th, 1888


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[HM88ABD], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Henry Villard, December 11th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[docketed envelope:Thomas A Edison Villard Deal Details of Consolidation and Letter from T.A.E. to Villard Mr Insull took enclosure to hand to Maj Eaton: note that this is another copy of D8832AAK; LB027354 is a signed letter of intro for Marks but without the discussion of the consolidation] Dear Mr. Villard:-- I have to-day sent to Prof. W. D. Marks a letter of introduction to you. His address is "c/o Edison Electric Light Co., Nos. 908 & 909 Samson St., Philadelphia." I would suggest that you wire Prof. Marks, making appointment for Friday. I have communicated with him, explaining that I have mentioned his name to you, and have also told him, generally, the class of works which youo would expect of him.##Mr. Insull handed me the revised memorandum, setting forth the terms of consolidation of the Edison Electric Light Co. and the three manufacturing establishments, as prepared by you, and I find the same to be in accordance with our understanding.##Whilst not making it a condition of my agreement to the consolidation, I would be glad if you can possibly arrange it, to have an opportunity to take some portion of three million dollars worth of stock, at par, which the syndicate has the right to acquire in the event of the new Company deciding to issue stock for further capital. If the exploitation of the business is attended with that success which we have a right to expect, it is my desire, if such a thing is possible, that my personal interest should not be reduced owing to necessity to rais further capital. This is a matter, however, which I will leave entirely to you, and shall trust to your arranging it for me if you find it at all practicable.##I think it is of the utmost importance that the consolidation should be pushed as rapidly as possible. I understand that the Edison Light Co. has, at last, obtained the right to argue before the Supreme Court of the United States the principal point in dispute in connection with their patent litigation. As this argument will take place within the next few weeks, it is very desirable that all our matters should be arranged before a decision by the Supreme Court. Should that decision, as we have every reason to hope, be favorable to the Edison Electric Light Company, it is just possible that the stockholders of that Company might get an inflated idea of the value of their property. Under these circumstances you will doubtless recognize the desirability of expediting to the fullest possible extent. Very sincerely yours, [This must refer to the Bate Refrigerating Case that was heard by the Supreme Court in January 1889]





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