[HM89AAO], Incorporation Record, Edison General Electric Co, April 1889


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[HM89AAO], Incorporation Record, Edison General Electric Co, April 1889

Editor's Notes

Summary: This is a document containing the By-laws of the Edison general Electric Company. The company is to be headquartered in New York. There are to be eleven Trustees elected by the stockholders every year. The board of Trustees may appoint committees, and is to chose the President, the Vice-President, the secretary, the Treasurer, and the Comptroller. All offices are held for a year, and can be removed at any time by the Board of Trustees. The President is to have general management of the company subject to the Board of Trustees, and the Vice-President is to step in in his absence. The Secretary is to be in charge of the record and bookkeeping of the Company, and to countersign all certificates signed by the President. The Treasurer is responsible for the funds and securities of the Company, and is to render monthly statements, rendering his books transparent to the Comptroller and any Trustee of the Company. The Comptroller is to audit the Company’s books and to keep a check on the Treasurer. There is to be an elected executive committee of four trustees and the President, to have all powers of management and control of the Company when the Board of Trustees is not in session, within limits set by the Board. The annual meetings are held on the third of January. For thirty days before and after the meeting, stockholders are allowed to examine a book containing the names of all stockholders, though the book is revised 15 days prior to the meeting to account for the transfer of stock, and a published list of all stockholders entitled to vote is published. The President can call special stockholder meetings at any time, and at any meeting stockholders may vote by proxy, a majority of stockholders in interest constitutes a quorum, each stockholder is entitle to one vote per share of stock he owns. The elections of Trustees are to be managed by three inspectors of elections appointed by the Trustees. Every stockholder is to have a signed certificate of ownership, and can be transferred only on the Company books in person. No stockholder has the right to examine the books of the Company without the consent of any person owning 25 percent of the stock, except books containing the names of stockholders and the transfer of stocks, which is open 30 days prior to any election of Trustees. The document lays out the order of business at the meetings of the Board of Trustees, the form of the stock certificates, and the process to be followed for amending the by-laws. Text: Typed in the original.
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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