[HM89ABR], Agreement, Thomas Alva Edison, Georges Chaperon, Felix Lalande, August 24th, 1889



This is a contract between George Chaperon, Felix de Lalande, and Thomas Edison. Lalande and Chaperon grant Edison exclusive rights to use, sell and manufacture galvanic batteries in the US except for in connection with electric lighting or as secondary batteries. Edison has the right to export the same to France but only for use in phonographs. Edison is to pay 25 centimes in French currency per litre cpacity for each galvanic battery, to amount to no less than 2000 dollars per year, forfeiting his rights if he doesn't pay within 30 days every six months. ## Edison must also keep account of the number of batteries and their litre capacity that he uses, to let the agents of the two Frenchmen inspect these accounts, and to render them statements semi-annually. ## Edison is also allowed to reuse batteries without paying the license fee twice, so long as he marks each battery with indelible characters, and gives the two Frenchmen four free samples from each sized battery. Edison is further to be solely responsible for protecting the patent in the United States, though the Frenchmen agree to provide their signatures for any legal battle necessary, However, the agreement is void if the US courts invalidate the patent, or if Edison terminates the agreement after giving six months notice. Each party, moreover, retains the right to any improvements they make upon the patent.








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[HM89ABR], Agreement, Thomas Alva Edison, Georges Chaperon, Felix Lalande, August 24th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University