[HX88018B1], Agreement, Paul Fabry, Paul Lemonnier, Hippolyte Fontaine, Louis Rau, Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889), February 15th, 1888


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[HX88018B1], Agreement, Paul Fabry, Paul Lemonnier, Hippolyte Fontaine, Louis Rau, Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889), February 15th, 1888

Editor's Notes

This is an agreement between the International Syndicate of Electricians and the Minister of Commerce and Industry of France, for the provision of public lighting during the Exposition of 1889. This is an annex to the main agreement they had already made and approved dated February 15th 1888. ## 1st: The Syndicate of Electricians (Hippolyte Fontaine, Paul Lemmonier, Pol Fabry and Louis Rau) are authorized to install a collective exhibition of electric lighting in the palaces and gardens of the Exposition, on the condition that they ## 2nd 1. Admit all exhibitors into the syndicate who ask for admittance, in conformity with articles 3 and 7 of their statute 2. That they pay their own expenses of construction, supply, etc. for their lighting, which shall extend from the hall of machines to the hall of motive power and the courts adjoining it at right angles to the height of 30 meters, through diverse other exhibits and palaces, according to the annexed plan. ## If the Administration of the Exposition wishes to light any extra space not mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the Administration, then the Administration is to assume the expenses incurred in installation. ## The whole of the proposed lighting will comprise 300,000 square meters, with a total intensity of 150,000 Carcel jets, 9 and 1/2 standard candles obtained from a motive power of 3,000 horse power of steam. 3rd: To provide private lighting for the exhibitors, to be paid for by a subscription of the exhibiters, agreeable to a tariff approved by the Minister of Commerce and Industry. The use of electricity is not obligatory, but if it is used then the Syndicate is to have a monopoly. The price of evening admission is fixed at 2 francs during the week, one franc on Sunday. Special prices apply for holiday evenings, to be fixed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and if this price exceeds two francs then the surplus is handed over to the Administration of the Exposition. ## 4th: The Minister of Commerce and Industry receives half of the gross receipts of the evening admission, the syndicate the other half, unless the total exceeds 3,600,000, in which case the State will take 7/10 of the first 500,000 francs, 8/10 of the next 500,000, and 9/10 of the remainder. Gross receipts comprise the right of admission for evening sessions, as well as a supplement of no less than 6 francs for season tickets. ## 5th: The proceeds of evening admission are realized by the agents of the public Treasury, and the distribution is made by the General Director of Finance, approved by the Minister of Commerce General. The Syndicate will raise subscriptions for their work from the exhibitors or exploiters.## 6th: All plans for construction are to be submitted to the General Director of Public Works or the General Director of the Exploitation who may demand modifications. ## If the administration requires any machinery of a specifeid model to be placed around the palaces of fine and Liberal arts, they will assume the cost. ## No installation will be put to use before having been approved by one of the two General Directors. ## 7th: The Syndicate is subject to all conditions imposed on exhibitors and lessees in terms of construction, and all police regulations. # 8th:The syndicates leaders are exempted from furnishing bonds. ## 9: 9th the right of sealing and registering, or foregoing bonds, are charged to Fontaine, Lemmonier, Fabry and Rau## 10th: The Minister of Commerce and Industry will decide any difficulties which arise from the execution of the agreement. ## (Signed by Dauresme, Fontaine, Lemmonier, Rau and Fabry)




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