[HX88029], Memorandum, Frank Roosevelt, September 28th, 1888


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[HX88029], Memorandum, Frank Roosevelt, September 28th, 1888

Editor's Notes

This is a memo listing papers relating to the Toy Phonograph (talking doll). ### First Paper, marked A: contract between Edison and Oliver d. Russell and his party Charles B. Harris, conferring the sole right to make phonographs for toy purposes, for the sum of $250. ## Second Paper, marked B: duplicate of the above. ##Third Paper, marked C: an agreement between Russell and Harris to enter into partnership. Contains a note from 1878 nullifying the agree,emt. ###The Fourth Paper, marked D: agreement in which Russell transfers half of his interest in his contract with Edison to Hilborne L. Roosevelt, dated Jan. 7 1878. ###The Fifth Paper, marked E: Transfer of Harris' entire interest in the contract to Russell. ###The Sixth Paper, marked F: transfer by Russel to Roosevelt of a sixteenth part of his interest in the phonograph contract. ###The Seventh Paper, marked g: Edison's consent to the sale by Russel of a half interest in the contract to Roosevelt. ###The Eighth Paper, marked H: preliminary letter from Edison to Roosevelt regard the last mentioned paper. ###The Ninth Paper, marked I: letter from Edison in reply to Roosevelt's letter dated Nov . 15th 1880, consenting to Roosevelt's request to purchase hald of Russell's interest. ## Papers Marked K: an agreement between Hollingshead and Roosevelt relating to the manufacture of toy phonographs. ##The ORIGINAL CONTRACT is for a period of five years, and provides that Russell should invest sufficient capital at once in the business, establish a permanent business, make returns on the fifteenth day of every month, and pay Edison ten percent upon the selling price of all articles made, sold or delivered. If Russell fails to pay royalties or if the royalties amount to less than six thousand dollars per year, commencing six months hence, the Edison has the right to terminate the agreement upon three months written notice. Russell also has the option to renenw the contract yearly, providing he fulfills his obligations. The contract cannot be transferred without Edison's written consent, but the contract rights may pass to Russel's heirs or executors. ###Contract signed by Edison and Russell, witnessed by J.G Moody and J. James. ##It appears [according to the author, Frank Roosevelt] that Hilborne Roosevelt possesses the full and exclusive right to manufacture phonograph toys, but the contract was to expire after five years, so no claims can be made upon it at present 1888, so there was no breach of contract for failure to pay six thousand dollars royalty per annum, since the contract was not renewed. "phono quantities"






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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