[HX88035D], Memorandum, Thomas Alva Edison, June 1888


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[HX88035D], Memorandum, Thomas Alva Edison, June 1888

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[This is a copy of TAE';s handwritten memo that Lippincott included with his testimony of 28 Nov. 1888; he dates getting it from TAEc. 12 or 13 June 1888 - PI] Summary: This is a memorandum of Edison's from June 1888. D. Royalty 10 per cent to be added to factory price to Co. Sole manufacture in perpetuity for Co. on basis actual Co. plus 20 per cent, both for supplies, phonographs and special things, accessories etc. Called Amn Phonogh Co. Company to respect all foreign biz of E. who is to be allowed manufacture here for export and Amn. Co. not to sell directly or indirectly outside of U.S and Canada. After date of turning biz over any future improvement on phonogh to go to Co. free, but any special phonogh or special extra which is sold as an extra E. to get 15 per cent royalty for invention. Clocks are excepted from all contracts. Experimental expenses to extent of 30,000 to be allowed for first year 20,00 for 2nd year and 15,000 for third years & 10,000 thereafter for three more years, & 5000 thereafter for 7 years. These expenses are to be actual cost as per laboratory methods of chargin (i.e) no profit to edison. E. to be satisfied that parties are biz men & scheme isn't to be a stock speculation & run by a lot of lunkhead directors. Price of complete phonogh outfit not to be more at any time than $85. that public shall always be permitted to buy outright at that price or less, complete as goods as are rented. Mfg duplicate records (i.e) publishing of music, novels, operas etc. to be reserved to factory that is to say if E. succeeds in devising a process of printing duplicates of Records commercially the factory is to manufacture such duplicates at regular allowance of profit & E. is to get his royalty on same as an extra (i.e) 15 per cent, patents of course to go to Co.








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