[HX89041], Agreement, Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn), Edison Machine Works, April 2nd, 1889



The Edison Machine Works, based in Schenectady, proposes to furnish the Edison Electric Illuminating Company, based in Brooklyn, with materials, and to lay the same, in accordance with the following specifications: ## Mains of different lengths for a total of 51900 feet and $61567.50 ## Feeders of different lengths for a total of 33230 feet and $67836.20 ## 20 Four-tube, 25 Six-tube, and 12 ten-tube safety catch boxes, for a total of $113687.7 once a 20% discount is applied. ## Tubing: Of the latest design, pipes to be extra heavy and larger than formerly used. ## Surplus Fittings: ## Surplus fittings usually supplied, free of extra expense, any fittings not used for one year can be returned and credit given for the same. ## Insulation of Joints ## Means are provided for insulating each length of tubing from one another ## Neutral Rods All neutral rods to be grooved, in order to designate the same, in mains. ## Safety Catches Full set of Safety Catches, with duplicates, will be furnished with capacity of 50% in acces of standard ampere capacity of tubing. Copper connection, without safety fuse in, will be furnished in place of this, where desired. ## Delivery All material to be delivered F.O.B at Schenectady, not without direction from the Illuminating Company, special arrangements to be made for freight rates. Material held by the Machine Works without storage charges. ## Junction Boxes To include insulated water-proof cables, and binding posts for pressure wires. ## Tests and Guarantees All mechanical faults within one year service period to be made good at the expense of the Machine Works, testing to be made by a joint representative of both companies. ## Old Tubing The Machine Works are to take old tubing off of the Illuminating Company's hands, giving $11697.58 credit to the Illuminating Company for the same. ## Price List The basis for the price of tubing is to be the standard price list of the Machine Works, plus a 20% discount, on top of which is the usual cash discount, the same as applied to any Edison Illuminating Company in the US. ## Date of Delivery Deliveries to begin May 1st 1889, to be completed before June 1st 1889. ## Inspection An Illuminating Company inspector will have access to Machine Works facilities but should in no way unreasonably hinder the Machine Works. Any disagreements to be adjusted by the General Managers of the two companies, to be resolved by a referred third party should this fail. The Illuminating Company to provide suitable place for storage of materials and cutting of tubing. ## Cartage The Illuminating Company to do all carting and delivery of tubing between storage warehouse and place of laying. ## Laying All laying to be done in the daytime during regular working hours, unless necessitated for crossing streets, etc., the special cases to be agreed upon by a representative of each company. The Illuminating Company is to furnish all permits without delay upon request ## Excavating To be done by the Illuminating Company. Machine Works to make service connections at [Couples?] Boxes where specially required by the Illuminating Company. Illuminated Company to do all other work in connection with service other than connecting into service boxes. The Machine Works to do all work in connection with laying of tubes, and make all tests necessary to guarantee a perfect system, guaranteeing the system free of all faults for one year, replacing any defective tubing. ## Testing and Laying Laying and testing to be done under the direction of an authorized representative of the Illuminating Company as general supervisor, in order to protect against defective work and material, but notto interfere or hinder the Machine Works in any way. ## Insulation of System Insulation of the underground system to be no less than 1000 ohms per mile throughout the system. ## General Clause The ommission of minor details is no excuse for not making a complete, perfect system in every respect. The Machine Works are to assign the job to one of their most competent representatives. ## [[The last page is a letter from the Edison Machine Works to the Edison Electric ILluminating Co. of Brooklyn, proposing to furnish the above material for the sum of $113,687.70, less the $11697.58 credit that the Illuminating Co. already has for payment formerly made for tubing. They propose to do the laying of tubing for 13 cents per foot for mains, and fifteen cents per foot for feeders, the estimated amount of laying to be 51900 feet of mains and 32230 feet of feeders.] Witness and seals, Schenectady N.Y, 2nd of April 1889 Edison Machine Works Attest. President. Secretary. There then follows a reply from the Illuminating Company to the Machine Works, in which the above propositions are accepted.] [Name Mentions: Edison Electric Illuminating Co of Brooklyn Edison Machine Works]








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[HX89041], Agreement, Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn), Edison Machine Works, April 2nd, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University