[HX89057B], Agreement, Thomas Alva Edison, George Edward Gouraud, International Graphophone Co, Edison United Phonograph Co, 1889


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[HX89057B], Agreement, Thomas Alva Edison, George Edward Gouraud, International Graphophone Co, Edison United Phonograph Co, 1889

Editor's Notes

Summary: A draft of a plan for a new company 1) A Company to be formed called EDISON UNITED PHONOGRAPH AND GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY, in the State of --------, with a capital of $ half of which is to be given to Edison and Gouraud, and half to the International Graphophone people. 2) There shall be a Board of Directors, consisting of 9(0 members, four of whom shall be selected by the Graphophone Company, and four by Edison and Gouraud; the ninth member shall be selected by mutual consent. AS TO MANUFACTURING 1) All manufacturing for the entire world to be by the [marginalia: present] Edison Phonograph Works. 2) The Board of directors of this Company shall consist of five members, three to be selected by Edison and two by the Graphophone Company 3) The Capital of the Company, consisting of three thousand shares of one hundred dollars each, making $300,000, to be increased to six thousand shares of $100 each, making $600,000; the increase to be subject to the same terms and conditions as the present capital; the International interest to receive 1,440 of the increas on paymenyt of $14 [two illegible digits]000. 4) The amount of the cost of all tools and machinery and graphophones and parts thereof, as also the cost of the release of the International Company's lease on Colt's factory to be accepted in pieu of so much cash in payment of said stock. 5) Seligmann Brothers, London, to be the financial agents abroad, and J. & W. Seligman, of New York, the financial agents in the US of the Edison United Phonograph and Graphophone Company. Then follows a standard lease form from the Phonograph Company for phonographs, for 40 dollars per year. If lesee defaults then the leasor may retake possession of the personal property. It provides that the phonographs are to be kept by the lessee in good order and condition, that the property remains that of the North American Phonograph Company, etc. [Name mentions: Seligmann Brothers, London Colt J. & W. Seligman Edison United Phonograph and Graphophone Company Edison Gouraud]
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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