[LB004135], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Theodore Puskas, January 28th, 1879


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[LB004135], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Theodore Puskas, January 28th, 1879

Editor's Notes

[see copy in Puskas papers] Have you any objection to my giving Gouraud a power of atty to collect royalties from the London Stereoscopic co? They do not perform their agreement as they will not seel any phonographs and I have evidence of the fact. My income from royaltiies in this country has averaged $275 per week and still continues. I learn there is a great demand for them in England. I propose if you have no objection to give Gouraud a power of attorney and 10 per cent of all collections. He will look after the Stereoscopic Co sharp and put the law on them if they do not sell the instruments. I enclose you power of atty as asked for. I cannot do anything in regard to Telephones in Great Britain because I have already committed myself to Gouraud. Please send me statement up to January 1st of how we stand. Also my portion of the French Telephone Cos stock certificats if they have been issued. Electric Light progressing and Serrell should have money to take out another set of patents. About $1500 will answer. We have had 480 lamps on one circuit each could have been made equal to one gas jet. They were red heat. 16 HOrse power was required. We used iron wire to make this test as platina wire would have been too expensive. Of course owing to oxidation and the melting point of iron we did not dare to bring these 480 lamps above a full red heat, but faily demonstrated the fact that the light could be dubdivided and all that now remains is an unexceptionable and practical lamp. We have about reached this point and have now a lamp that would last several months but there is a defect which requires time to remedy. I am now supplied with every appliance to carry out experiments. The total expense thus far has been about $35,000 and the weekly expenses are about $800. If I have good luck perhaps I shall not call on your people for any money but if I am unfortunate I must call on you to contribute something to carry out the work. This would have been done by Drexel Morgan & Co but as you seem t have other parties there willing to take hold I earnestly request you to have matters so arranged that there will be no delay should I require financial assistance to carry on experiments because there is no question it will be a success. The creation of a new industry with all its ramifications is a very tedious, expensive and long process. Soon after the thing has been thoroughly proven at Menlo Park it will require to be put into practical opeation before the public will be perfectly satisfied. Please write me at once your views on these matters. P.S. I have just recd your favor of the 10th The check for [poundsign]200 has not yet come to hand. The check which you sent Dec 13th was recd and should have been acknowledged. Please continue my subscription to L'Electricite. I am taking all the foreign & domestic scientific papers now. I have opportunities frequently to sell phonographs for Russia, Belgium Italy Spain &c Cannot I not ell them & accouunt to you for the same? Please answer all of thepoint in this letter when you write.





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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