[LB005475], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Calvin Goddard, December 29th, 1879



Your favor of the 27th was duly rec'd. I have been preparing full statistics etc as to cost and I cannot now give time to refuting the statements of our gas friends but briefly I would mention that no company in New York or in America can make and put 1000 feet of gas in the holders for 35 C that there is 15 pc leakage chargeable to the 1000 feet before it is delivered, that it is does not cost 1 C per hour per h.p. if I do not charge to it depreciation and interest, but only 1/2 per cent per hour per h.p. That I give a jet equal to 3 foot of gas burner in [?] Standard Argand. That if I run a 200 h.p. engine all night it will supply light all night and there is not enough lights to absorb 200 h.p. but say 100 than the Corliss cut off works and there is just so much less coal burned. If you go into the delivery of gas then we have 1/2 the plant or interest & depreciation to 12 pc to gas--no leakage to [10 pc] of gas and a chnace to use our immense plant 10 hours in the day for selling power which is more than sufficient in New York to pay interest on plant and make the light in night for nothing. [last sentence illegible]









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[LB005475], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Calvin Goddard, December 29th, 1879

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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