[LB006690], Letter from Charles Lorenzo Clarke to William H Merrick, December 18th, 1880


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[LB006690], Letter from Charles Lorenzo Clarke to William H Merrick, December 18th, 1880

Editor's Notes

Your letter in reference to the engine of 35 H.P. has been received, but as all the circumstances were [then?] made known Mr. Edison wishes to call your attention to the subject again and ask if you will do him hte favor of thinking it over well. The Inman Steamer "City of Rome", the larges teamer in the world excepting the Great Eastern wil be ready for sea this spring and the owners wish to have her lighted by the Edison Light of which some four hundred will be required of varying power. If Mr. Edison is to put the light in this steamer he must have the engine and dynamo there in England by the middle of April. Cannot you therefore construct for us an engine like that at Hyatt's in every respect? It would develop sufficient power for our purpose at 450 revolutions and we would construct the dynamo of a size suited to that speed. I would send you immdiately a drawing which I have already completed, of the dynamo and you could make the drawing for the sole-plate. We would then undertake on our own account to have the dynamo castings made, also would have the sleeve made and sent to you and would have the sole-plate castings and pillow-block castings, for the latter of which you have the patterns made and sent to you; all in a specified time. If you will ocnisder our proposition to have this done on the 1st day of April, your part of the work being to build the eingine and assemble the engine, sleeve, pillow blocks and sole-plate, a contract can be quickly drawn and I can come in immediately to arrange matters with you. The engine-bed casting could be made outside your establishment. Will you please answer as soon as possible but not before fulling considering the proposition? In this case we would wish to spare no expense to push matters.









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