[LB007592], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sherburne Blake Eaton, June 27th, 1882


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[LB007592], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sherburne Blake Eaton, June 27th, 1882

Editor's Notes

Your memo 2[8]th June 1882 [Carbons] Inventions##I do not think we want them. Wilbur should get up an application for me on three points.##Weston Interference. I think you had better let it go over with the others##Moving the meter Business. we can of course get along at [your] [of It] with the meter business for months to come but ultimately the work will have to be given up to [another] especially if our small town business is OK It wil not be four month, before everything is needed. But we will leave the matter until the [Room] comes along if you like. As to the [Pa--] [plug] are only stored in the [yo-] of the galvanometer [room. we are so pressed for room that we are putting up a four story brick building in the [--] so you see [one] [$500] [or only what] we are after. What I want to [--] is to have room for manufacturing so that I can boom the business all over the world.##[Teaching Porcegineces]. I think Mr Claytons time should be charged at the rate of $[00] per day and others inproportion It is decidedly to the interest of all in every country to have the [business] succeed but of course the [Coy] [here] must not [case] by it. I suppose you remember that Johnson & myself and others have done considerable work without pay. I should [---] time consumed of our employees pay double what it costs Armington. All I agreed with Armington was that if he could furnish engines as we want them at prices suitable to us we would probably agree to trade with him only providing [and] [others] have preference##Puskas & [Zourey]. Insull will look up the correspondence & send it in to you. His impression is that it was handed to Goddard & may possibly attached to vouchers. However if not we have it as we [fell] [everytime]##San Domingo. Butler let the Right to fill San Domingo orders. Any question as to ownership of territory can be settled later##Spenser Grasks Bill. I arranged that [this] should be at cost##Yours of 2[th]##Bergmann & [---d] Co He certainly should not sell to the Maxim Coy##Sam Mott.##Accept his resignation by all means and I should say make no contract at all with him we do not want any of his inventions at [also] further move what he has is covered by our patent & he would have nothing at all but for fraud & to give him any contract at all would be to recognize his unfaithfulness##Yours of 26th June.##[---] Dynamos to [France].##I should say [--] to [France] by all means & if they want to sell [grams] give them a discount. they want to use our staff to sell these [----]& if we get our profit & they [---] I should say O.K.##[--] Gold Separator Tell the San Domingo parties to send the gold on & I will look into it##[German[ Case. I return you herewith Mr Lewis report which impresses me with the fact that he is very smart & should be engaged by us in other interferences for instance the [Weston] where [the] case look [---]##I think Aliss is mistaken on stating he got that memo in 78. I think it was in October 77 but I am not absolutely sure of this.##I was never in Chicago but twice in my life once in 18[--] when I was three [I] think for about two days and twice in 1878 when going west to see the Eclipse that year I stopped there one day & in my return I did not go outside the Depot.##The Quadruplex was [invented] in 1878 & put in operation in 18[90] I do not know any [Phelphs] in Chicago & never knew Freeman. The whole is an absolute lie. I do not know a Fuller of Chicago.##[Poledo.] Hughes Brother writes [--] have corresponded with mr Goddard & thought they would give us a proposition. I received a letter yesterday saying they had offers from other good [parties & had requested them to confer with us. I am afraid they have been dealing with the parties who own the weston light [here] & if they think they are good parties they then do not know what they are talking about. They have been attempting to light up but their main wire has only output up for three blocks on the [pum--] street & they do not push the light as it should be pushed.##Hughes people got the [prints] 18 months back & have been patiently waiting till we are ready to start. They are enthusiastic & [want to provethe Toledo business & providing everything is all right I should like them to have it.##Freeman Again. I enclose letters from Mr Jobbins the man who had the closed door intellect with me sometime back. Please reply to it. {ANNOTATE WITH D8233ZCM}




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