[LB007602B], Letter from Richard Nott Dyer to Zenas Fisk Wilber, June 28th, 1882


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[LB007602B], Letter from Richard Nott Dyer to Zenas Fisk Wilber, June 28th, 1882

Editor's Notes

Since writing you on June 5th. in regard to [outamabia] regulations, it has been discovered that the patent of Maxim 238,543, June 8th. 1880, shows and electro magnet placed in a multiple arc circuit and [controlling circuit of another electro magnet which regulates generation. This patent is probably earlier than the [runs] by mr Edison of an electro magnet in multiple arc for regulating the machine: but mr Edison before that date regulated a lamp or lamps by a regulator controlled by an electro-magnet in multiple arc. Hence for the broadest claim in case 3[7]5 it might be advisable to cover the use of a device placed in a multiple arc circuit and affected the same as a lamp, for regulating a lamp or lamps, whether directly or through the machine. The word "device" or some similar broad expression should be used since a thermostatic device may be used in place of an electro-magnet and perhaps other devices. On the thermostatic device, I am now preparing the papers for a separate application. Another feature of importance is the closing of [line] circuits by the device in multiple arc, so as to give regulating mechanism movement in [off]site directions. This is not shown by Maxim. A more important feature however, is the centered electro magnet.##By reference to case 375 you will see that lever E is held against Spring lever g in a central position. In John Ott's case the other form of device for this purpose is shown and should be claimed specifically. That device consists of [two] springs like this [diagram shown]##If the lever is centered it does not [act] except upon a definite charge in electromotive force, and the flickering of the light which is caused by a too sensitive action of [the] magnetic [prevented.]





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