[LB007741], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sherburne Blake Eaton, July 23rd, 1882


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[LB007741], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sherburne Blake Eaton, July 23rd, 1882

Editor's Notes

Your memo July 19th.##Ten Candle lamps. You must be careful about doing business in ten candle lamps. We are not [filled] up yet to make them economically They will cost not less than 50 cents the carbon being so hair like & our breakage so great.##Bordens letter. I am very glad to receive such letters & always read them with pleasure. The lamps will last more than 600 hours but in our estimate we do not put them right up to the limit. we make an average of 600 hours whereas we know they will last almost twice as long. There are many contingencies we wish to provide against. Bordens mistake about the four thousand a light is owing to the fact that the South American figures were based on 10 candle lamps then of course the two Dynamos would give four thousand lamps but only of ten candles which would not be equal to a 15 ft gas burner. In some places it requires 12 ft of gas to give ten candles in other places seven feet will give ten candles and in other places 7 1/2 ft will give 16 candles according to the quantity of the gas and dependant on whether the pressure n the mains is in proper relation to the [slit] in the burner. We count that 2000 standard candles per boar are equal to a thousand feet of gas in any part of the [counting] in most places it is more than equal.##Safety catches in chandeliers & [----]. There is more danger with them in than out. I think we permit [Ashoine] to dictate too much. I am [causing] in every way this [wa--] & will [go for] him.##Italian Contract. I think we shall have to take the leap into the dark..##Russell. I thought he was discharged long ago.##Pearl Street District. Johnson & myself have taken this [market[ o& I think we will strt the station with as much dramatic affect as any of us can wish for.##Clarkes statement for Bulletin. I return it herewith with pencil memo on it.##Baltimore estimate. I am communicating with Clarke about the estimate he prepared.##Complaints against Dean. To prevent any complaints on the [back] of the Isolated Co I will [of--] the first 20 Ks have been delivered. deliver everything from the machine works except "C" Dynamos f.o.b anywhere on Doc or [phrase illegible] in New York City. So I will do all this work [rasking] & earlier at my own expense. this means a considerable reduction in the cost of machines {SEE ALSO 800811 LB007888} and . {see D8221ZAA}




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