[LB009283], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, November 10th, 1881



Referring to our cable correspondence as the Electric Light plant I have received from Drexel Morgan & Co notification that they are prepared to pay for 17 plants on receipt of Invoice & Bill of Lading. The Dynamos are now being packed & will be shipped this week.##I have duly received your favour of 29th. I am rather surprised that I should have been put to the inconvenience of having machines on my hands on which I could not realize while I awaited the receipt of your letter asking me to forego any profit on them to which as a manufacturer I am very justly entitled. You seem to forget that I have made a heavy investment of my own personal funds in order to create an establishment where I might e enabled to turn out Dynamo machines at a low price. The figures I name to you are much less than you can get them manufactured elsewhere & will enable you to sell at a price which will kill all competition. I know also that we have an equal advantage in possessing a much better article to present to the public.##To provide funds to start the Edison Machine Works I have been obliged to sacrifice a great deal which [never] could only be justified by the extreme necessity of Building up such an establishment & were I to accede to your request I should have a very [large] capital quite un[comunerative]##As a matter of fact I do not at present make a cent on a single Dynamo sent out of my works & do not expect to for some time to come. As to the lamps I sell them to you at the same price I have to pay the Lamp Co & the sockets & other sundries are also charged at prices paid Bergmann & Co##I think if you were to get estimates from other people to turn out any number of the machines you will not wonder at my surprise at receiving your letter








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[LB009283], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, November 10th, 1881

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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