[LB011214], Letter from Richard Nott Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, February 4th, 1882


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[LB011214], Letter from Richard Nott Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, February 4th, 1882

Editor's Notes

[Illegible] on the broad finances of [---ging] strength of this. Speaks generally of a [the---] a management, but not in my [opinion] with sufficient definition [---] to prevent you from obtaining [orders], which, while somewhat [---]##I have put the sketch into Mathis' hands for drawing.##Mathis getting [---] all his sketches, tracings, drawings &c for me. I have had in mind for several days the suggestion that all tracings should be [---] to you (and kept by me) whether [--] cases prepared by Major Wilbur or myself. In this connectin, I have several small matters to tell you or Mr Insull, which will keep until next week.##The railway cases we will go at immediately. I have spent the afternoon at the Aster Library and Cooper Union looking up [early] English publications of Siemens in regard to railways. I can find no lecture or paper by Siemens. The most important publications I have found are in Nation [---] but in the [P----] of Sep [16] The latter is a [----p] in one of your books. It is quite [full] and knocks the broad claims of Siemens. It does not describe however [many features] [---] by Siemens [---] the use of the ordinary rails [---] for conductors and the in[---tion] of the locomotive wheels on one side from those on the other, the motor being connected with both sets of wheels. If we can find any [papers] from Siemens however I have no doubt it will have [s---] patents also. The Electrician & [finances] not find either at the Astor or [paper]. If you have [st--] the [---] it might be well to have Johnny look through




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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