[LB011345], Letter from Samuel Insull to Charles Batchelor, February 23rd, 1882


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[LB011345], Letter from Samuel Insull to Charles Batchelor, February 23rd, 1882

Editor's Notes

Your letter of 7th inst as to Lamp Socket came duly to hand. Mr Edison has asked me to reply to it personally##I already remember writing you a personal letter on the subject of sockets one night at menlo Park. Ediosn also recollects my having done so as he remembers my going to him for some information on technical points which I was not sufficiently familiar with to warrant my writing about without being coached by him. I explained fully the reasons for altering the sockets but I presume that letter must have misarrived. I cannot tell you the date of it as at that time I was not in the habit of copying letters written by me personally & [artifically]. I should conclude that it was not sent you were it not for the fact that Edison as well as myself so distinctly remember the circumstances connected with my writing it.##In compliance with one of your cables confirmed elsewhere I have today written Upton asking him to write you fully on the subject of lamp manufacture He promised to do this some time back as immediately you cabled you had taken a factory I spoke about the necessity of your being posted on the subject of manufacture. I shall be out at Menlo Park tomorrow and when I see Mr Edison & Upton together I will draw the latter's attention to my letter on the subject. I have also given orders to the Lamp Co to have working drawings made of the new Socketing machine and any other tools & machines that you (Lamp Co) "think would be useful to Mr Batchelor." so when you get Uptons letter and these drawings you will be in possession of all changes made since you left.##I have also given orders to the Edison Machine Works to prepare working drawings of all special tools and machinery used i the manufacture of Central Station and Z. Dynamos. They have got up a good many devices for this purpose and on my asking Edison if they ought to be sent you he at once told me to get working drawings for you.##I have had in my office for some time past working drawings of the last Central Station Dynamo built as a test machine & which machine has been sent to Johnson I find that many changes were made after the drawings were got out and now that the remainder of the stock has been ordered for the new York Central Station Dynamos I find that even still further alterations have been made and it would therefore be useless to send you the drawings I have until they have been overhauled. I give you this explanation in case you might think we have overlooked the matter.##As to the orders you have been sending us, I have been doing my best to send you what you want but what with the difficulty of one order having to be filled in part from three different establishments and in some cases five different establishments and further more the [perverseness] with which steamers run - usually just one day before we are ready to ship, I have fouond difficulty in letting you have all you want for one plant in one shipment and doing this with promptness. However as we get a little further along things will get into their natural groove and run a little smoother.##In your two orders for $5000 sundries I look as a basis the average proportions of the various things used in installations here. The most backward thing is the wire belonging to their order. I have today been to see Cowles of the Ansonia Brass & Copper Co to get him to hurry the wire up belonging to the two orders for sundries for Antwerp & Hamburg & he has promised to do so. The one ton of house wire which you ordered some time back and which was billed to you last week was all ready to go by yesterdays steamer but unfortunately owing to a [bull] either on the part of the Shipping Agent or the Ansonia Coy it got left behind I am now trying to find out if some extra steamer will not sail Saturday for Hamburg if so I will ship by that.##Bergmann is working on those Resistances & mercury Cocks. I will see if he has many ready & if so will have an installment shiped you





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