[LB011464], Letter from Samuel Insull to Edward Hibberd Johnson, March 20th, 1882


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[LB011464], Letter from Samuel Insull to Edward Hibberd Johnson, March 20th, 1882

Editor's Notes

Your favor of 7th inst is before me & considering the ["lall"] way in which you go for me I must certainly indulge in some comments on your remarks on my shortsightedness##You and Waterhouse cabled Mr Fabbri that the amount to be put in the contract should not be over L[8000]. Mr. Fabbri laid great stress on the importance of this sum being kept as low as possible so, as Mr Edison had left me to decide on these minor points of the contract so far as he was concerned, I agreed with Mr Fabbri as to the policy of including only what had been actually paid out. I at the same time informed him that a number of bills would be presented to him later on and he said we must depend on your people to help us out; at the same time saying that if there was any very great trouble D. and C. would doubless be able to arrange to advance us the money on account of the English Company. So you see I was not quite so short sighted after all and your remarks are [squarely] deserved by me.##I had to pay Armington & Sims & Lamp Co on account at a time when I was all right for funds & if I had got stuck I should have got Mr Fabbri to have helped me out which I know from former experience he would have done. Fortunately I was able to get along all right till your cable authority for D and C. to pay us came to hand. The result was exactly what I had calculated on from my knowledge of the people in England and as usual [as---] would probably be I am about satisfied with any part of the business & look upon your admonitions with a smile knowing that I remembered exactly the things you charged me with forgetting. [These] cables were designed with the object of getting the money that object was attained owing to your good offices so I was satisfied with the result & such small matters as my foresigntedness or thoughtlessness could easily wait for explanation by mail.##As to my having a knowledge of all things ordered by you which from your leter I infer you think I ought to have I would ask you how it is possible for me to do so considering your orders are not nearly all of them sent here, as they most certainly should be considering that Mr Edison has to approve all Bills. If you send them through us they will get better attention as we keep Bergmann & Lamp Factory alive to the necessity of rapid shipment. The way you have orders is rather confusing and Bills are presented here for approval about which we know nothing.##In this connection I may mention that I have notified Bergmann & the Lamp Co & the machine works that all goods for England must be billed to Mr Edison & we will rebill them to the English Light Coy. This is in exact accordance with the clause in the Contract by which Mr Edison undertakes to supply L20000 of Electric Light Apparatus & by these means I think we shall be able to keep accounts with the English Company straight. All this of course will give me a good deal of extra work but I shall not mind that provided it is condusive to the better regulation of the business which I most certainly will be the case judging from shipments made up for Batchelor all orders for which have for some time past passed through this office




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