[LB014001], Letter from Samuel Insull, Charles Batchelor to Charles L Dean, August 21st, 1882


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[LB014001], Letter from Samuel Insull, Charles Batchelor to Charles L Dean, August 21st, 1882

Editor's Notes

We have received the following letter from Mr. Batchelor - under date Aug. 5.##I have sent away now about 18 Z dynamos I have found it a good thing to have a guide for the belt so I put it on 20 it is made to go on either side or on top or bottom whichever way the belt comes. In some installations it may not be necessary but in others particularly those exposed to the air the charge of atmosphere to very damp slackens up the belt very much and the belt will wobble so much that they are in danger of cutting the armature. In some of the mills I notice that they are not at all particular how they connect up the belt and consequently they wobble very much-##Southbound My switch board I have made so as everything secures from front. I have noticed that frequently these machines are put in the engine house and in time the wood dries out and leaves the binding posts & everything loose and you have to take it off to fix it I have put my bindposts on so:- {art] and everything else except the swing line stud which has a nut on top##Armature plates- I have persuaded a man here to make me these under a steam hammer in a mould and they come out bang up as [true] as if they had been [tuned]. he charges me 95 Fcs for 100 kilos which is 8.2 c per lb. All I have to do is to bore the hole and put them on the shaft they gauge as true as if they had been tuned-##Name- All my heads are marked by letters cast on so and sticking out about 1/4 inch the other side is Soc Ind [it] Com Paris etc.[art]##I have just got my tools for the socket finished. I have had to make the male female screws for lamp and socket and they work well. I have got 50 Kilos of wire now for Armatures wound beautifully with six [wire] together. I have had a great deal of trouble to get it so that it is as well insulated as the other we use, but I think I have got it. I will send you samples. I believe my boys will wind armatures twice as quick if it is all right."





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