[LB014485], Letter from Samuel Insull to Waterhouse and Winterbotham, November 29th, 1882



Edison's Indian & Colonial Coy Your letter of 31st October addressed to Mr Johnson has been referred to me by him. I will look into the matter of the Indian Patents & send them to you as early as possible.##With relation to your letter of 10th inst addressed to Mr Edison he is willing to supply the above Co with copies of the American specifications if they so desire on their undertaking to pay for such copies. But if they wish this done it will involve them in a great deal of needless expense as Mr Edison takes out many patents in this Country which he does not think of sufficient importance to take out elsewhere. Or Mr Edison would furnish them at their expense with copies of his foreign cases which would cover such of his inventions as he thinks it desirable to patent in England and on the Continent of Europe. Or as a third course Mr Edison would instruct Mr Hanford to supply the Co with copies (at their expense) of all English Patents as taken out. This would be practically the same as the second course suggested##As to notifying the Colonial Co when every new patent is taken out we would prefer not to have to do this if it can be avoided as it would involve a great deal of clerical work for which Mr Edison could not get reimbursed and furthermore we fail to see what advantage the Colonial Co can derive from any such notification. Besides in many cases it would be next to impossible for us to supply the information as after Foreign applications for Patents leave our Patent Department Mr Edisons Foreign assignees as a rule have charge of taking out the Patents.








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[LB014485], Letter from Samuel Insull to Waterhouse and Winterbotham, November 29th, 1882

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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