[LB015182], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Armington and Sims, January 19th, 1883



In reply to your enquiries as to the working of your engine I would state that after having tried various types of engines we have found yours the best for its simple construction excellent workmanship durability and economy##In connection with our Isolated plants we have about eighty of your small engines in daily use and from our experience I fail to see what possible fault can be found with the engine or what improvement in its mechanism can be suggested.##In our Central Station here we have found it advisable to take out the engines originally put in there, in consequence of defective regulation and to replace them with your large engines. We have already got three of your engines working and I find that they have a higher economy than any other Automatic cut off engines that I have tested. I have arrived at this conclusion not from Indicator card tests but by test of the actual fuel consumption It is also my opinions that yours is the cheapest engine per horse power wioth a given economy depreciation and in our large installations in Cities it is the best engine we can use as in addition to the above advantages it exceeds all other engines for power per cubic foot of space occupied which is very important as with some engines and their accessories the cost of the real estate occupied is far more than the engine itself.









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[LB015182], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Armington and Sims, January 19th, 1883

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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