[LB020467D], Memorandum, Thomas Alva Edison, September 4th, 1885


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[LB020467D], Memorandum, Thomas Alva Edison, September 4th, 1885

Editor's Notes

The amount due by this company (Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Bellefonte) to Mr. Edison is $1256, 42 as per statement enclosed. The Bellefonte CO. do not dispute Mr. Edison's claim, having as recently as the 28th. Of March 1885 made a cash payment on account. ## The unsettled indebtedness of this Co. is $2416, 68. Mr. Edison is prepared to take stock in the present Co. for this amount as agreed between himself and the Board of Directors nearly eighteen months ago. ## The amount due by this Co. (Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Mt. Carmel) is $2813. Mr. Edison has made a number of allowances as claimed by Mr. Schwenk on behalf of the CO., aggregating a total of $872, 98, as will be seen by accompanying statement. The contract between Mr. Edison and the Mt. Carmel Co. only called for a 8 1/2 X 10 engine. Mr. Edison installed without any extra expense to the CO. a 9 1/2 X 12 engine, thus donating the difference between the cost of the former and the latter to the Co. In view of the trouble that Mt. Carmel Co. has had, and for the purpose of getting an immediate settlement Mr. Edison will accept the sum of $2500 in full settlement of the account. ## This Co. (Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Shamokin) owes Mr. Edison the sum of $2238, 45. On July 2nd of this year the President of the Shamoking CO. wrote Mr. Edison claiming that Mr. Edison had not fulfilled his contract, but Mr. Douty seems to have overlooked the fact that on June 12th 1884 this matter was settled at a meeting attended by Major Eaton, on behalf of the Edison Electric Light Co., Mr. Edison and Mr. Insull on behalf of the construction Co., and by Mr. Douty and two other gentlemen on behalf of the Shamokin Co. In consideration of the trouble the Shamokin Co. have been put to, and the possible breach of contract by Mr. Edison, the Edison Electric Light CO. returned to the Shamokin CO. their share of the bonds of the latter Co. This settlement was made on a memorandum signed by the Shamokin Co., the Light Co. and by Mr. Edison, and immediately it was concluded the Shamokin Co. handed Mr. Edison a check for $805, 48, on account, and agreed to pay the blance due him immediately after certain alterations had been completed. These alterations involved the return to Mr. Edison of two engines and one dynamo, which he has credited the Shamokin CO. at the price at which they were originally billed, as will be seen from accopanying accounts. By the above referred to memorandum Mr. Edison undertook to supply certain other material including a 14 1-2 X 13 engine and 2 "S" dynamos at cost; this he did. Inasmuch as a basis of settlement already been arrived at, and remembering the heavy sacrifice Mr. Edison made in taking back the dynamo and two engines which had been used from upwards of a year, Mr. Edison does not feel that he ought to make any further concessions on this account. If however it is possible to get a settlement immediately, he will accept a $2000 check in full payment of all his claims. ## With relation to the method of settlement, of course it is desirable that cash should be obtained in each case if possible. In the case of the Bellefonte and Mt. Carmel Companies Mr. Edison will accept notes, running for as short a period as possible, but in any event not longer than six months. In the case of the Shamokin CO. if they are not prepared to pay cash down, Mr. Edison will accept a note providing it is for the full amount of the account enclosed.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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