[LB021321], Letter from Samuel Insull to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, March 1st, 1886


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[LB021321], Letter from Samuel Insull to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, March 1st, 1886

Editor's Notes

The enclosed letter was opened by Tate (in error) while I was away, as he was attending to my mail. I have had a telegram from Devonshire asking if you had received the letter and I wired him in reply that you were away and that the letter should be forwarded to you. I presume that I should communicate with the Lamp Company and get a price from them on the carbon, but as I do not know what your ideas may be, I hesitate doing anything before hearing from you. Please advise me in the matter. ##Nine of us went out to the wedding: Johnson, Batchelor, Bergmann, Chinisoe{?}, Tomlinson, Sims, Krusei, Upton, and myself. We took a special car and lived on the car while we were at Akron, as we had our cook and waiters aboard. The wedding went off a hoot{?}. The Old man went through it as if he were an old hand. The Bride, of course, looked beautiful and the whole affair was highly successful. Some of our crowd said they thought the addition of a little "Bridge" would have {-----} nobody, still they made up for it by drinking all the "Extra Day" we had about the car. Bergmann and Chinnock got ousted{?} at poker on the journey home and Johnson did as well, I think. Batchelor{?} managed to take $650.00 out of some of them. ##There is nothing new in business to report. The new sample of cable for Railway Telegraph came from Phillips today and John Ott has told me which to order. All the instruments and men have gone west and we should hear in the course of a few days as to the trial of the system on the Chicago Road. I presume Top{?} has written you all about the Doctor having given him his congi{?} (how's my French?). ##Phonoplex has been working all right. There was a big gale here the other night and all the B&O wires were so badly mixed up that they could get no messages through from the Main to the Uptown Offices. Peculiar to say that although they could get nothing through their Regular Sounders{?}, the Phonoplex worked right along all night. I suppose there was a bad ground which the high potential current of the phonoplex circuit would work over when the ordinary battery current of the regular circuit failed to.




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