[LB021325], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, March 1st, 1886



I received your telegram last night (Sunday). ##I send you by this mail a lot of newspaper cuttings. Please return them after you have read them! ##There is nothing new to report here except that a Contract for a Central Station Plant (1600 Lights) for Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. The orders for machinery have been issued. There is nothing new (so Johnson says) as to the Uptown Stations. The Isolated business is very dull. Hutch tells me that they sell about 200 lights per week. Saturday, they sold a 300 light plant to the Nat. Express Co. Albany{?}. Johnson's new scheme as to the Isolated business comes up at the Board Meeting of the Isolated Co. tomorrow. I enclose you the report of the Committee appointed by the Directors to look into the matter. ##The Railway Telegraph business has developed nothing new. The men and instruments have been sent to Chicago and I have today arranged with Crowell to order the cable from the American{?} Electrical Works. Crowell has notified Toppan that he wants someone in his position who is better posted on office affairs so that Toppan has decided to retire as soon as Crowell finds someone to take Top's place. The phonoplex is going along all right. Tate has not yet got the second current working on the B&O Company lines. We have had a heavy gale here which disarranged all telegraph lines and the B&O people could not get any communication on the Regular Morse Sounder with their Broadway (30th St.) office. But strange to say they worked the phonoplex all right on the same {underlined in original} wire on which they failed to work the Regular Sounder. ##What proposition did you make to Wiman as to Royalty in Canada? Tate says you told him that you made no proposition. Wiman told me that you proposed six dollars a station{?} for Canada. Tate has found out indirectly that Dwight thinks a great deal of the phonoplex and he wants more circuits. I want to take Tate to Wiman and have Tate negotiate with Wiman, but before doing so, I ought to know what you originally proposed to Wiman for Canada. ##Please answer these {-----}. I will write you again tomorrow. Please keep me advised as to your whereabouts.








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[LB021325], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, March 1st, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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