[LB021408], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, March 15th, 1886


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[LB021408], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, March 15th, 1886

Editor's Notes

Yours of 11th dated Palatka came to hand this a.m. I have not heard from Gill as to key of safe, but presume I shall in a day or so. ##I received your telegram stating that the Railway Agreement had been forwarded. They came to hand with your letter above referenced to. ##I enclose letter from John Ott, which explains itself. I also enclose one from Tate. Jim Gilliland says he has nothing to report. He is making a new dynamo and Batchelor is helping him get it out: as soon as there is anything to report, either he or I will let you know. ##Batchelor is now winding{?} the new 125 volt dynamo (no spark). He expects to get a test on it either this or next week. He has sent you a blueprint of the winding{?} to Fort Myers. James Hood Wright return on 19th. Shall Batchelor and myself go to see him or shall we leave it till you get back to New York? I think the latter is the safest plan. He is more likely to agree if you ask him. ##Nuresi's{?} exact figures are not out yet. I enclose you a letter I received from him which explains itself. I will send you the absolute figures as soon as I receive them. ##Batchelor is not{underlined in original} making a model of the Railway Track{?} you designed before you left. Johnson says that there are a number of details which no one can get out but you, that the Track cannot be ordered till those details are gotten out, and that he is afraid the matter will have to wait till you return. Batchelor of course cannot go ahead till he gets an order from Johnson. Sprague's Track{?} will be finished very shortly. ##I sent a copy of the North American Review to Fort Myers. I have sent a second copy in case the first miscarried. ##Johnson says the arrangement with a Syndicate to put six stations in Upper New York State are completed so far as the business part is concerned, and that the matter will be closed up as soon as the legal part is got into shape. The first and smallest{underlined in original} station will be created at Amsterdam (1600 lights). The other five stations will be created at Cohoes, Troy{?}, Syracuse, Utica, and one other place. Johnson thinks Central Station business is very hopeful. ##Isolated business is dull. The following is a list of business done since 25th February: {following listed as a chart} ##Brownfield & Co. Phila{?} 30 Lights{?} ## Woods, Station Penna 30 Lights{?} ##Boston Rubber Co. 2 no. 16 machines with engine contract $12,000 ##Ohio Co. 80 ampere{?} machine ##Steinhardt & Sons 2 no. 6 machines (419 lamps $2200) ##Bennis{?} Bros Bag Co. St Louis one No. 2 and one no. 4--150 lamps $1850 ##Wayne Penna 2 no 8 machines ##Central Station Isolated basis 500 lights ##Bergmann says his sales amounted to $30,000 last month and will be $35,000 this month. He is figuring with the Western Union Telegraph Co. for another 500 Printers{?}, which order he expects to get inside of ten days. We are therefore doing nothing as to the chemical printer. We shall not go ahead with this till Eckert decides on the 500 printer order as Bergmann doesn't want to scare him off by our making a splurge with the chemical printer. I presume this course will have your approval. The Lamp Co. made{underlined in original} in February lamps 52,193 costing $13,387.02{?} and shipped{underlined in original} 51,626 bringing $20,306.15. Their total orders in February were Home orders 28,457, Foreign orders 17,250 {totaling} 45,797. Of the 51,626 shipped, 14,845 went abroad and the balance 36,781 were to fill home orders. The Lamp Co. owes $25,849.22 and has due to them $59,867.89{?}. I enclose you letter I wrote you Saturday in case the original may not have reached you. ##Gouraud cabled as follows Saturday: "Gilliland cable numbers, English patents more telephones power attorney quick." I am in communication with Gilliland as to this cablegram. ##I cannot send this letter to you as I do not know what address will reach you, so I must keep it till I hear from you. If you do not keep me posted as to your whereabouts, you cannot complain at not hearing from us. {Added as postscript:} Edison Light stock firm{?} at 150 to 160. Illuminating stock 75 to 80.








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