[LB021490], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Pike, March 30th, 1886


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[LB021490], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Pike, March 30th, 1886

Editor's Notes

Yours of 23rd received. I saw Mr. Wiman yesterday and made a proposition to him relative to Canadian business. He has written Mr. Dwight. As soon as the latter accepts our terms, and when he designates the circuits he desires to equip with the phonoplex system, you should go over the lines and test each phone office for induction. This may be done by inserting a phone in the circuit without any other connections. If you get only the discharge from the magnets (relays) in the line itself, it will of course be unnecessary to condense outside wires. But should you find that outside or "companion" wires interfere with the working of the phone, then you must ascertain the identity of the same and order{?} condensers to shut them out. ##Make out a list of what material is required and hand same to Mr. Dwight, who will then send an official order to us for it. ##I am going to Baltimore again tonight. Instead of the circuit to Harper's Ferry, we are going to install one Baltimore to Hagerston {--} 106 miles and another Baltimore to Harrisburg, PA, 80 Miles. I tested both for induction and met with no trouble wheever. ##{-----} I am going to test a new battery which I think {---} give better results than the one we now use. If it does what I expect of it, we will have{?} a battery which will last six months or more with only occasional attention. I will advise you of the result. ##I have made a good improvement in the phone. I have found that the swinging motion of the weight as it traverses the diaphragm is the cause of the change in sound. ##To prevent this, I attach a ring of brass which fits the aperture on the centre of the hard rubber{?} top, while a pin from the weight to a piece of brass attached to the ring, with a slot in it, prevents the weight from running or surging around while not interefering with its vertical motion and keeps the sound constant. The ring can be {-----} so as to place the weight across the diaphragm in any desired position, this because I found some positions would produce sound almost twice{?} as loud as others. ##The top of phone also is protected from possible damage by a cover--all these improvments will be attached to any new instruments sent you. ##The price charged you for zincs is high, but you can continue to supply what are required until futher advised by me. ##I have advised Mr. Edison of damage to condensers. He may possibly suggest some {----} of protecting them. ##Have you received check sent you on 22nd inst?





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