[LB022269], Letter from Samuel Insull to Sigmund Bergmann, July 26th, 1886



Referring to the enclosed, the Paris Co. owns the patents of Mr. Edison's system for Germany. If you have got a socket which you have patented yourself, they certainly do not own any such patent wihtout you have given it to them. All that Mr. Edison obligated himself to do was to transfer any patents of his own or those owned at that time by the European Co. The Berlin Co. under their contract with the Paris Co. have the right to manufacture anything they may desire. As a proof of this, they manufacture their own lamps and dynamo machines and all other accessories. If Mr. Schuckert of Nurnberg has such a contract as he states with the German Co., he certainly has a perfect right to buy his sockets of Dyer. As I understand it the Paris Co. cannot interfere with the German Co. in Germany. The complaint against Dyer for selling sockets to schuckert should undoubtedly come from the German Co. I know that the Paris Co. have been trying to get control of these matters, but my impression is that their letters are simply so much bluff. Of course you will take all I say as being purely my personal opinion, and not given officially as connected with any Company here. If I were in your position I should certainly sell the sockes to Schuckert through Dyer.









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[LB022269], Letter from Samuel Insull to Sigmund Bergmann, July 26th, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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