[LB023310], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Samuel Insull, February 3rd, 1887


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[LB023310], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Samuel Insull, February 3rd, 1887

Editor's Notes

I have your letters of yesterday relative to notes. The note for 969.09 is one which I sent to Mr. Edison's house on Monday January 24th. It was banked same day and duly credited on Tuesday 25th. ##You were in town on Wednesday 26th and asked me about this note. In reply I told you it had been "soaked." I apologzize for this unbusinesslike expression which evidently has been misunderstood by you and led to our present disagreement as to records. ## On Friday January 28th the Machine Works account (?) was credited with United Company's note $1100 odd. At the same time there were two other notes in the Bank awaiting acceptance viz: E.E. {illegible} of Boston $1598 70/100 and E.E. {illegible} of Detroit $7500. These laid over until Tuesday last 1st inst. When they were accepted and credited to Mr. Edison's account. The others mentioned were placed to credit of each wks. ## I telegraphed you yesterday "Germania passed and credited both notes"--and knowing that $969.09 had been credited and believing you also understood it I could only t hink that you had sent some paper from Schenectady and telegraphed you again that they had received nothing for the Machine Works excepting the one credited Friday last. ##Discounts are as follows: 969.09 Disct. 14.34 1598.80 14.90 7500 117.50 ## I wired you the amounts of discount on last two notes so you might correct the approximate amounts in transcript sent you last night and stated in my letter of last night "note for 1598.70 and that for $7500 has been passed to Mr. Edison's credit." ## Today I get a telegram from you asking if "all notes including seventy five hundred" have been discounted. ## Probably my letter did not reach you early today but I sent it to the {illegible} P.O. by a messenger boy to ensure early delivery so far as I could. ##When you asked me on Wednesday about the $969.09 note you stood at Randolph's desk and signed a letter to the Germania Bank enclsoing a New Bedford check $500. In this instance my memory serves me well. ## In {the} furuter however I will send you written notice of all discounts which pass through my hands or of which I am made aware.





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